Capital Works Approvals

Each year Local government agencies within City Councils are required to plan the services they will provide to their communities and the programs they intend to roll out.

One of the councils we have been engaged with has been doing this planning exercise through Excel spreadsheets. No formal approval process existed, files were simply distributed via email and network drives for approvers to action.

This was a mundane process, with some excel sheets having upwards of 700 columns! Once the capture and approval process was completed, these services and capital works would be presented to the Council for prioritisation. jEyLaBs has spent  6 weeks working with the Council to develop a new solution based off their application platform.

It took 5 weeks to get the first versions of the applications into production. A new prioritisation system is in place, using metrics to automatically calculate the prioritisation rankings. 

The system is now configurable to ensure longevity, with  having the ability to configure and adjust the weightings of the prioritisation questions. Approval processes have been implemented, with task notifications sent to approvers, with the ability to open and action a task, or even action a task directly from an email!

jeylabs consultants have  been working as part of the project team to develop these applications and cool reporting dashboard using PowerBI, allowing management to receive live updates regarding both Service Planning and Capital Works Planning. 

  • What were the application requirements ?
    • Allow for submission and approval of service planning and capital works projects
    • Auto routing of tasks
    • Dashboards to present data to Management and Council
    • Prioritization of Services and Capital Works based on prioritization questions answered by council team members and the public
    • Tech one integration -retreive data from tech one to auto fill data where possible

This project has been a great success and jEyLaBs now had great exposure with the organisation, including key Directors, CEO and many departments.

  • How did the application benefit the Council (ROI) ?
    • More efficient process
      • Auto routing of tasks
      • Active directory integration
      • Task notifications 
    • Improved presentation
      • PowerBI Dashboards
      • SQL Reports
      • SmartForms replacing Excel Spreadsheets
    • Prioritization
      • New to the process
      • Now can use budget scenarios to determine which projects can be afforded based on prioritisation
    • Integration
      • Tech one used to autofill data where possible