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jeylabs is all about Intelligent Work. We help organisations put their software to Work Smart.

Since February 2009, we have delivered well over a 100 digital business solutions to large to medium enterprises.

Here's a set of solutions selected and published as references. A burning desire to meet our customer's changing and challenging requirements and exceeding expectations is what drives us every single day. Our goal for each and every project is to become a published case study.

Finance Industry
Work Management Forms for the business, 360 degree view of work for end users, escalation management, Connecting to multiple backend systems via BizTalk, Automated testing with PowerToolz, K2 application Support
Telco Industry
Order Management Forms for the business, Hybrid delivery of Operational management systems. New products, Replacements, Change of Order, Cancellation, Jeopardy management. Integrating with multiple backend systems (Billing, Security, Databases, Email, etc). Migration of tens of thousands of active and running Order Instances, Automated testing with PowerToolz, K2 server rebuilds in new domains
Manufacturing Industry
Employee Request Forms for the business, New positions, Replacements, Change of Employment, Relocation Transfers, Promotions. Connecting to multiple backend systems (SQL Server, Exchange, etc), Integration with outside brokers (SharePoint 2013)
Mining Industry
Travel Authority for the business, Connecting to multiple backend systems (SAP, Exchange, etc). Connecting to a number of outside brokers (Webjet, travel agencies)
Logistics Industry
Incident and Claims management system - Case study. OH&S Incidents, complaint and claims through phone, email, web. Classification, Approvals and Archiving of these using K2, Security and Reports were important due to policy and mandate
Pharmaceutical Industry
K2 forms and mobile forms, 13 Applications (From Pharmacy returns to ER) through a Workflow Centre of Excellence, K2 apps to employees on the road, Deployment of K2 forms into the Worldwide environment
Local Council
Capital works and annual Budget approvals for the business using K2, Expense and petty cash claim forms using K2, Native Mobile Apps to deliver information services directly to residents, Migration of Infopath forms into SmartForms, Test automation and upgrade to K2 4.7, Developed dev ops processes to implement this with the council
Electricity / Utilities Industry
System based on existing platforms at such as SharePoint 2010 and K2 blackpearl. Solution utilised the TransGrid Application Framework, Online Booking, Rental Confirmation, Edit Booking, Vehicle Return Forms. New Business Processes, FigTree database Integration and message bus, User Roles and Permissions management, Reports using SSRS and SmartObjects
Building Industry
Smartforms and SharePoint 2013 based CAB approval process, Migration of Lotus Notes applications and data into SharePoint 2013 environment. K2 licensing, Deployment, Training, Delivery, PowerToolz and support
Plantation Forestry
Operations plans, License review and termination, Leave request, 2003 to K2 blackpearl, incorporating SharePoint and InfoPath Form Services.
Transportation, Shipping
Incident management, Claims management, Asset register management, Highly configurable, included specific business rules and requirements, Catered to interface requirements by leveraging the Microsoft SharePoint platform.
Subject selection process, Timetable creations, Support portal, Parents notifications service via SMS (text messages), Sessional staff roster and management