Success Stories

Our Customers Win

Since February 2009, We have delivered well over a 100 digitial business solutions to large to medium enterprises. Here's a set of solutions selected and published as references. Watch this space for more success stories.

A burning desire to meet our customer's changing and challenging requirements and exceeding expectations is what drives us every single day. Our goal for each and every project is to become a published case study.

Finance Industry

  • Work Management Forms for the business
  • 360 degree view of work for end users, escalation management
  • Connecting to multiple backend systems via BizTalk
  • Automated testing with PowerToolz
  • K2 application Support

Telco Industry

  • Order Management Forms for the business
  • Hybrid delivery of Operational management systems
  • New products, Replacements, Change of Order, Cancellation, Jeopardy management
  • Integrating with multiple backend systems (Billing, Security, Databases, Email, etc)
  • Migration of tens of thousands of active and running Order Instances
  • Automated testing with PowerToolz
  • K2 server rebuilds in new domains

Manufacturing Industry

  • Employee Request Forms for the business
  • New positions, Replacements, Change of Employment, Relocation Transfers, Promotions
  • Connecting to multiple backend systems (SQL Server, Exchange, etc)
  • Integration with outside brokers (SharePoint 2013)

Mining Industry

  • Travel Authority for the business
  • Connecting to multiple backend systems (SAP, Exchange, etc)
  • Connecting to a number of outside brokers (Webjet, travel agencies)

Logistics Industry

  • Incident and Claims management system - Case study
  • OH&S Incidents, complaint and claims through phone, email, web
  • Classification, Approvals and Archiving of these using K2
  • Security and Reports were important due to policy and mandate

Pharmaceutical Industry

  • K2 forms and mobile forms
  • 13 Applications (From Pharmacy returns to  ER) through a Workflow Centre of Excellence
  • K2 apps to employees on the road
  • Deployment of K2 forms into the Worldwide environment

Local Council

  • Capital works and annual Budget approvals for the business using K2
  • Expense and petty cash claim forms using K2
  • Native Mobile Apps to deliver information services directly to residents
  • Migration of Infopath forms into SmartForms
  • Test automation and upgrade to K2 4.7
  • Developed dev ops processes  to implement this with the council

Electricity / Utilities Industry

  • System based on existing platforms at such as SharePoint 2010 and K2 blackpearl.
  • Solution utilised the TransGrid Application Framework
  • Online Booking, Rental Confirmation, Edit Booking, Vehicle Return Forms
  • New Business Processes
  • FigTree database Integration and message bus
  • User Roles and Permissions management
  • Reports using SSRS and SmartObjects

Building Industry

  • Smartforms and SharePoint 2013 based CAB approval process
  • Migration of Lotus Notes applications and data into SharePoint 2013 environment.
  • K2 licensing
  • Deployment
  • Training
  • Delivery
  • PowerToolz and support

Plantation Forestry

  • Operations plans
  • License review and termination
  • Leave request
  • 2003 to K2 blackpearl, incorporating SharePoint and InfoPath Form Services.

Transportation, Shipping Terminal Management

  • Incident management
  • Claims management
  • Asset register management
  • Highly configurable, included specific business rules and requirements
  • Catered to interface requirements by leveraging the Microsoft SharePoint platform.