jEyLaBs SharePoint and K2 Training

Expertise comes from years of hard work, Laser focus on the chosen domain and Wide experience! We have it and are pleased to share it with you. We provide on-site and remote training courses on SharePoint and K2. We also provide hands-on training to kick start your projects.

We are absolute experts in SharePoint workflow technology. This comes from continuous engagement in the field of electronic forms automation, process applications and business process management.

Our team tirelessly works to be on top of the workflow game. We practice our craft day-in and day-out. We work on the next versions of SharePoint, K2 and Technology trends such as Gamification, Cloud and Social service integration and Mobile enablement of business applications.

We are part of the elite group of technology practitioners and early adopters. We pave the way for next wave of innovations and best practices. This places us in the unique position to give you future proofed advice.

Training is a key part of our services offering. We are the only certified partner to deliver K2 training in Australia. We have delivered customized training courses to numerous customers. Contact us today and organize your next K2 training session with us! Via or click here to contact us.