Paperless Solutions

Become a happy business
Become a paperless business

Leveraging Innovative Kodak Scanner hardware and DropBox Business software, jeylabs helps you leave  your paper behind with peace. Request a trial of DropBox Business by sending us an email to


  • Get as much storage as needed

    If your team needs more space, we'll increase it at no additional cost.

  • Unlimited file version history

    Restore previous file versions with a few simple clicks.

  • Groups

    Create groups to easily manage team member access to specific folders.

  • Admin dashboard

    Monitor team activity, view connected devices, and audit sharing activity.

  • Unlimited file recovery

    Easily recover any file, even ones deleted months ago.

  • Remote wipe

    Clear files from lost or stolen devices to keep company files in the right hands.

  • Encrypted Storage

    Your files are stored in an encrypted format. 256 bit AES and SSL encryption.

  • Account transfer

    Easily transfer files from one user to another when responsibilities change


Move to Cloud with Kodak Scanners and DropBox Business Software. jeylabs are Migration specialists with a focus on modernising businesses through automation and integration. Request a trial of DropBox Business by sending us an email to