Mobile Apps

We develop functional, beautiful Modern Apps

HTML5, Native and Hybrid - Universal Windows, iPhone (iOS) & Android apps

jeylabs is a leader in the space of Modern Application Delivery.  jeylabs offers business apps development services to help cater to the ever growing need that is the apps marketplace. Be it iOS, Android, HTML5 or Windows Apps.

jeylabs current model is catered to the following areas:

  1. Configurable Dynamic Business Apps
  2. HTML5 Apps
  3. Universal Windows Apps
  4. iPhone Native Apps
  5. Android Apps
  6. REACT Native
  7. Plug-in or Add-In development 


jeylabs and Modern App Development:

  • Popular and Leading platforms
  • World Class Project Architecture and Cost efficient Development
  • Unique, Innovative Approach with Test automation and QA


jeylabs Modern Apps Core Skills Include:

  • Universal Windows Applications
  • Mobile solutions across one or many devices, including iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android.
  • HTML5 apps
  • Workflow and content management; understanding and utilizing large, complex or disparate data sources.
  • Integration with corporate and legacy (heritage) systems.
  • Balancing business and commercial imperatives with functional IT solutions.
  • Concept ideation, development and implementation of product strategies and roadmaps.
  • Project management and budgeting.
  • Navigation and understanding of frequently complex intellectual property and related issues associated with large-scale projects.
  • Solving high-performance and high-availability mid to corporate level challenges.


Android App Development

jeylabs’ team of highly skilled and articulate android developers ensures a smooth and effective mobile application development process.

70% Australians access mobile entertainment and information services!

42% Australians download mobile apps!

67% smartphone sales in Australia were Android handsets!

Android is one of the easiest platforms for mobile app development, because of the flexibility and customizable platform that allows any idea to come to fruition. Android is now the leader in the mobile app development marketplace – in front of Apple. Android is becoming the point of call for many mobile app developers or anyone with a million dollar app idea.

Custom andriod apps development service in Australia.


iOS App Development

Australia is among the Top 5 countries in the world with the highest download rate of iOS applications.

40% of people in Australia own an iPhone.

jeylabs has a team of highly skilled iOS application technicians that allow iOS development and iOS app development to eventuate. The team at jeylabs have a special and calculated flare for Apple app development, and see an every growing trend of people to continuously use the iOS framework. The greatest benefit of undertaking development within the Apple framework is the more foundational marketplace in which the app can be released. It is a more fluid and simple process than the Android marketplace.