Digital Business Integration Services

We love helping people achieve incredible outcomes.

Do you want to Possess the Secret Powers of an Integrated Digital Business?

Integration of people, process and tools are the core of any business. IT aids by implementing this Integration.

At jeylabs, our team of consultants helps you discover and re-engineer business processes into well integrated applications. We help you find and eliminate bottlenecks in your business processes.

Our digital business transformation consulting services produce breakthrough results for you by leveraging our experience working with global businesses for over 9 years.

You can Achieve a Lot with a well Integrated Business

Our experience with integrating business processes will help you avoid mistakes. We will guide integration projects to success through the full life cycle, assisting you every step of the way.

Decision making is a crucial activity for every business. Day to day tactical decisions to long-term strategic decisions that are made over the lifetime shapes the path a business takes from inception to exit.

The Value of True Business Systems Integration is still unrealised by too many firms. Contact us Now to Learn more.

Eliminating Paper and Pain

jeylabs helps eliminate paperwork to reduce process pain. We automate paper based business processes effectively for you so that you can concentrate on your business. We indeed remove paper from your paperwork and streamline your business processes. We address change management challenges comes with automation and help with continuous improvement of your business. You get value beyond the scope and the investment you do with us.

We deliver specialized in IT consultancy services for Business Process Automation (BPA) implementations using K2, SharePoint, Kodak Alaris, Dell and related Microsoft technologies.


We have the following packaged Consulting services on offer:

  • Z2K - Zero to K2 Kickstart
  • BPK - K2 Best Practices Audit
  • PTA - K2 Test Automation
  • PBI - PowerBI Kickstart
  • SHC - SharePoint Health Check
  • ARK - Application Review for K2
  • APS - Application Review for SharePoint
  • APD - Application Review for DotNET
  •  APM - Application Review for Mobile Apps
  • APO - Application Review for Open Source
  • AML - Application Migration for LotusNotes
  • AMK - Application Migration for K2
  • AMS - Application Migration for SharePoint
  • AMD - Application Migration for DotNET
  • AMO - Application Migration for Open Source

You can order our offerings by contacting or click here to request more info.


We provide on-site assistance

jeylabs provides the following services:-

  • Review of infrastructure for performance and capacity given current load and expected future load
  • Review deployed workflows for development and integration best practice
  • Provide guidance and education on general maintenance procedures
  • Advise on upgrade of software to latest version

jeylabs offers a migration program to K2 SmartForms. This is a tailor made K2 SmartForms architecture and best practice implementation & migration service. This is aimed at organisations looking to automate paper forms on the K2 business process application platform or migrate existing InfoPath forms implementations. We assist with converting form applications into SmartForms and Mobile apps making sure that existing data, reports and security are kept intact.

jeylabs has been closely working with the K2 SmartForms technology since its alpha release. We have seen first hand how hard the K2 development teams worked to incorporate the many rounds of feedback from the field to make K2 SmartForms a solid addition to the K2 platform.

jeylabs has invested considerable amounts of time and effort in Research and Development in K2 SmartForms as an alternative to other forms solutions. We are pleased with this effort and the result is we are heavily involved in moving many clients’ eForms development efforts onto K2 SmartForms.