Process Mining

Leverage Process Mapping and Mining!
Make your business more efficient!

Why is one branch outperforming all others? Is there a way to accelerate your distribution network? What's causing problems in your cash flow?
Do you know if your business processes are running as optimised as they could be?  What do you know about these processes? Are they documented? See, understand and evolve your business by operationalizing your insights for true transformation.

We love helping people achieve incredible outcomes.

Businesses tend to build applications to automate and streamline their processes. As soon as the application is in production everyone assumes that they have achieved the productivity gains they were going to get. How often do you establish, review or validate your net gains of a process automation project?

jeylabs specialises in process mapping, benchmarking and fine-tuning business processes.

Your workflows and processes may have been built on any technology or low-code platforms such as K2 or Nintex. They may still be manual or heavily paper-based.

We use Process Mapping and Mining Tools such as Promap, Minit and our own AppLang.

We use time-tested techniques to establish what we call your Approval Ratings.

Once we have established the baseline. We then help you optimize and re-engineer your process applications and forms to reach your optimization goals.

How does it work?

Consider every step performed by everyone involved in a process. If you think of those steps as “digital footprints” stored by your operational systems, then process mining captures the footprints from all of your systems, pulls them together (a resource known as an event log) and organizes them visually to show each step of the journey to complete your process. In that way, process mining identifies areas for process improvement–sometimes in places, you might not even think to look. It then helps you take the right steps toward improvements that will transform how your business operates. 

Get complete visibility into your processes.

To improve your processes, you have to know your processes. Process Discovery brings everything to light to keep you moving in the right direction. It shows you what’s happening–right now–so you can quickly identify opportunities to increase revenue, free capital and ensure customer satisfaction.

Are your business processes up to par? When have you last checked their health? Are you confident that your current processes can help your organization sustain growth, and support your company in achieving its business goals, say, two years from now? 

There is a wide range of factors that may have rendered your business processes either partially or completely obsolete. These factors could be rooted in macroeconomic events, significant changes in technology, or societal trends. 

There are many potential red flags that indicate you should evaluate whether one of your most important leadership tools needs mending.

Contact us to book a health check session or learn more about how jeylabs can assist with optimising your business applications.