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Simplified SAP Integration with Theobald -  Rock your SAP Integration

Perform complex SAP processes directly in SharePoint. With Business Integration Apps it is possible to execute different kinds of SAP functionalities like transactions or reports and also self-service applications within your SharePoint environment.

Business Integration Apps are web applications which can be directly installed on your local SharePoint Server or SharePoint Online and then made available to users. The seamless integration of SAP processes in SharePoint brings you closer to an integrated and uniform business platform.

The apps allow for the users without special SAP knowledge to perform complex processes directly in SharePoint – on-premise or in SharePoint Online. There is no need for training or special instruction courses to use the applications because the operation is easy and intuitive. Furthermore, the apps are functioning on all prevailing devices like desktop-pc, tablet or smartphone. The responsive design allows the applications to adapt to their respective interfaces.

jeylabs has secured a strong partnership with Theobald Software GmbH to help organisations drive Digital Transformation through seamless SAP integration. We have years of experience integrating backend systems into digital front ends. Our partnership with Theobald allows us to bring this expertise to SAP customers. 

Founded in 2004, Theobald Software has grown to become a leading provider for SAP integration solutions. Their products enable all common third-party systems to integrate with SAP. While they have traditionally been focused on connecting the Microsoft world with SAP, they have steadily enlarged their product portfolio in recent years to include non-Microsoft scenarios and systems. In addition to:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Power BI
  • AzureShare
  • Point Server

Theobald products work with:

  • Data warehouse solutions from Oracle
  • IBM DB2 and EXASolution
  • BI solutions from Tableau, Alteryx, Qlik, Salesforce and BOARD

Theobald Software already provides a number of Business Integration Apps for selected SAP areas. You can obtain the following apps at Theobald Software and easy implement it at your company:

  • SAP Stock Info
  • SAP Quotation
  • Leave Request and Leave Approval
  • Customer Factsheet
  • CATS

The above-listed applications are ready-to-use templates that demonstrate the possibilities of application development with ERPConnect Services and ERPConnect Services Runtime respectively. Feel free to customize or enhance the applications to your individual needs or to develop your own Business Integration Apps. We will gladly support you and give you advice on this topic.

Please Contact us to learn how to get more value from your SAP investments. 

jeylabs was a Silver Sponsor at the Digital Workplace Conference with Theobald in Melbourne. We showcased deep integration scenarios including Chat-Bots with Nintex workflow, SAP and eForms.