jEyLaBs Web Security Gives
Comprehensive Backup
On-Demand Restore
Server side scanning for vulnerabilities
Managed service
Blacklist monitoring
Advanced cloud based firewall
Load balancer
Website optimiser
Malware removal
On-demand reports
220$/Month/Site including GST
Sign up.. protect your brand, your data and your users.

All Websites on the Internet are constantly under attack. Whether it is state based actors, criminals or your competitors, your website is just waiting to be hacked by the bad guys.

If you think you have never been attacked think twice. It is most likely the case that you have never noticed it.

Hosting your website with even the biggest of service providers does not guarantee you the comprehensive, pro-active, specialised web security you need these days.

We are changing this sad situation.

jEyLaBs is offering the best in class web security built for tomorrow's problems today.

This is same technology we employ on our web systems and you can use it to protect your site today.

Our team of globally distributed web security experts are constantly on the watch monitoring malware activity and hack attacks.

Our cloud based, infinitely scalable web security solution platform is constantly being improved to ensure you get the best protection every day.

Don't become the victim of a web attack.