Robotic Process Automation

UiPath based Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automate repetitive & boring tasks. RPA solutions we build free humans to be more creative. 


jeylabs partners with UiPath to build a digital army of robots to perform these mundane data manipulations, cross-checking and swivel-chair data integration work across enterprise applications. 

There are many benefits to deploying UiPath based RPA solutions:
  1. Automate high-volume, repeatable tasks within existing processes.
  2. Mimic the way a user interacts with applications.
  3. Automate user tasks involving multiple applications.
  4. Reduce process costs and increase competitiveness.
  5. Free up busy staff to focus on creative and customer-oriented innovation.
  6. Support automation triggered by humans, or by other software robots including chat bots..
  7. Integrate with back-end and legacy systems.
  8. Use UiPath’s visual and highly intuitive Studio to design the sequence of tasks, normally performed by a user, that will be delegated to a robot with perfect accuracy.
  9. Allow UiPath robots to launch new business processes and interact with existing process apps built on K2 or Nintex.
  10. Manage exceptions, user interactions and unstructured process execution with K2 or Nintex based workflows.

By re-allocating the mundane tasks to RPA, the productivity and efficiency levels of your workforce will rise to unprecedented levels. 

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