What is unique about PowerToolz ?

PowerToolz is an essential tool for K2 users.

PowerToolz is a purpose built productivity tool for K2 users. It is developed with the needs of K2 administrators, Process Owners, Application Managers, Support Staff, Developers, Testers and Consultants in mind. 

PowerToolz supports K2 users with its specialised features. There is no other tool out there with the level of comprehensive features it provide. This is one of the reasons that make this tool to stand tall above anything else. As elite K2 consultants, jeylabs consultants use the tool every day in the field and provide suggestions to further improve it.   

Dip your toe first, if you must. But, take the plunge and you will never look back. Your K2 will never be the same with PowerToolz.

PowerToolz provides deep insights into K2 applications, their composition, behaviour and environment. You can administer, support your K2 environment and K2 applications very efficiently using PowerToolz. It has rich set of features designed for the various K2 user groups and their unique needs. 

PowerToolz provides a super-fast administration experience for K2. Every screen and data that is exposed is carefully designed to improve productivity. Our customers appreciate the Smart rows, Speed search, Fast filtering, Contextual tree navigation, Screen Jumps, Shortcuts, Automatic script generation, Auto naming and numerous other nifty features that are found only in PowerToolz. We have introduced exciting new innovations such as Single click accelerators and Synchronized scrolling. These super-efficient productivity enhancing features are not found anywhere else. 

Testing is one of the core feature sets you will find useful in PowerToolz. Test planning and Reporting are custom built for K2 applications. If you’re developing K2 applications or deploying changes to K2 applications, PowerToolz’s testing features will make it efficient to perform regression testing. Your test teams can do their work very easily using PowerToolz for K2. 

Furthermore, PowerToolz experience can be fully customised. You can configure PowerToolz to provide an admin console, Troubleshooting console, Support console, Migration console or even a Testing tool. While PowerToolz respects and adheres to K2 security restrictions you can configure and further limit which K2 Artefacts are allowed to be manipulated or viewed in the special consoles pre-configured using PowerToolz. This allows IT to delegate administration and support burden of specific applications to relevant business users with confidence. 

PowerToolz also improves your Application approval ratings. Its “Managed Approvals” and “Managed Escalations” features are purpose built to achieve this. The core of PowerToolz is an automation engine that provides a visual configuration experience. The power scripts created in PowerToolz are version controlled, shared, reusable and can be scheduled for execution. 

PowerToolz is a great example of a purpose built automation platform and a testament to the extensibility of K2. With Mobile Apps, VS.NET AddIns and a separate automation service to run alongside with K2, PowerToolz can be called a platform. Automating K2 itself is a new feet achieved by PowerToolz.