Accelerating your Low-Code Success - True Test Automation for K2 with PowerToolz - Version 5.2

PowerToolz provides a unique platform for K2 customers to accelerate project success and maximise returns on their investments.

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Neil Ward-Dutton writes “jeylabs’ PowerToolz offers a suite of integrated automated testing and administration tools designed specifically for the K2 low-code application development platform, and through that, addresses the broader delivery agility challenge for K2 customers.”

Since 2009, PowerToolz is winning hearts and minds of growing number of K2 users.

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“Bytezoom recently evaluated K2 Testing tools for one of our clients, a publicly traded pharmaceutical company. We found the PowerToolz suite is more advanced and easier to use than the other tools that we evaluated. Our client purchased the tool and they are quite happy using it. Now that we have discovered PowerToolz, Bytezoom is recommending it for use by other K2 customers.” — Keith Brickey, bytezoom (http://bytezoom.com)

“PowerToolz has been essential in allowing us to deliver efficient and reliable K2 applications. With its intuitive interface and powerful aggregate of the underlying K2 technologies, PowerToolz has helped us refine and measure our K2 success. The single-source insight it provides has saved me considerable time when troubleshooting and allowed me to understand how to better test our solutions. Thank you, jeylabs!”— A University in the US

We love helping people achieve incredible outcomes.

We created PowerToolz to accelerate adaptability of K2 solutions to changing business needs.

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How are you testing your K2 Five apps?

PowerToolz is an automated testing and management tool for K2. Workflow testing can be automated easily by creating or generating test scripts. PowerToolz helps you manage and execute regressions test scripts in bulk at any time with a few clicks. It also stores test results automatically and helps visualize them. This saves the significant amount of time and money with workflow automation projects.

Technical Notes

  • PowerToolz is a Windows application and it can be installed on any Computer running a modern Windows operating system as long as you can connect to your K2 database and K2 server from the device.
  • The user should have Admin rights on K2.
  • PowerToolz is currently compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1 Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 SP1 and newer systems.
  • PowerToolz supports K2 4.6.10, K2 4.6.11, K2 4.7, K2 Five, K2 Five 5.1 and K2 Five 5.2
  • K2 Managed Cloud is supported via Basic Authentication/SQLUM.

Customer Praise

  • "Awesome, it works! So, simple"
  • “This is Exactly what we need to overcome some of the challenges we would like to take on”
  • "K2 admin is getting a lot easier with PowerToolz"
  • "There is nobody like you out there, we are happily using it for the 3rd year in a row"
  • "Thank you for helping me get setup so quickly. I have resolved two major issues of my application while evaluating the tool, I cannot recommend highly enough"
  • "Great value, great product, so much time saved"
  • "We have automated 80% of our testing with PowerToolz"
  • "There is no way we could have migrated our processes without your tool"


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