Kodak i1180 Scanner

$899 AUD
(ex GST)
Technical Specifications
  • 5,000 pages per day
  • 40 Pages Per Minute
  • 200 - 300 DPI
  • Color, grayscale and Black/White Documents
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Intelligent. Connected. Business-Friendly. Designed for the way you work today.
KODAK SCANMATE i1180 Scanners process transactions at the speed of business.
The transformation of information capture continues. Businesses must deal with more diverse sources of information than ever before. And yet paper remains an important input source. Companies are focused on generating efficiencies where the value of information capture from paper is greatest – in business transactions.
At the same time, document capture must stay in sync with current technologies to help businesses remain efficient. Organizations are turning to web-based architectures to speed the adoption of new business applications and minimize support costs. The SCANMATE i1180 Scanner is designed to keep up with these changing technology environments.
The SCANMATE i1180 Scanner extends the concept of an intelligent device by embedding Perfect Page image enhancement technology into the device to reduce processing demands on the user’s PC, making the i1180 a PC-friendly offering.
Plus, the SCANMATE i1180 Scanner is a fully licensed device for the EMC® CAPTIVA® Cloud Toolkit, making it easy and cost effective for customers or developers using this software development kit (SDK) to write and enable browser-based capture applications.
Scan documents and capture information, extract data, and handle documents once. Benefit from an intuitive, icon-based color interface. Take advantage of associated cost savings. And that's just the beginning.
Small, quiet, quick, and intelligently designed, the SCANMATE i1180 Scanner accelerates your processes with seamless technology so you can focus on your business.
The Intelligent Imaging Engine
- On-board, advanced image processing – now with barcode reading capabilities –and Web-connect ready for browser-based applications
- Reduced PC processing/speed requirements – no need for a high-end computer
- EMC® CAPTIVA® Cloud Toolkit license enables scanning from browser-based applications within virtual environments. The EMC® CAPTIVA® Cloud Toolkit offers great benefits:
- ♦ Easy to deploy and maintain as there is no need to download application components to enable browser based scanning
- ♦ Great compatibility by leveraging industry standard web services to ensure every web browser and web development environment will work
- ♦ Makes scanning as easy as printing by giving the developer full programmatic control over every aspect of the scanning process