Are you ready for the next K2 upgrade? K2 4.7 is here and we love it.

K2 4.7 is an exciting release. The following are our favourite items making it worth upgrading:

  1. SmartForms Application Lifecycle Management improvements, including the ability to identify and address any dependency issues in the designer
  2. SmartForms client event enhancements
  3. Package by Reference in P&D tool

With K2 4.7, the upgrade mandates a consolidated K2 database.

As per K2 policy, K2 4.5 is out of support now. So, if you are on it, it is critical you upgrade now.

If you still havent consolidated your K2 databases, or if you are on K2 4.5 or a prior version then it is crucial you upgrade right now.

If you are on K2 4.6.10 or earlier then you have to also upgrade to 4.7 as Active support will no longer apply to these versions.

It is important to plan your upgrade regardless of whether you have a crucial business critical app or more than a few K2 applications in production and/or development.

When updating K2 there are some important things to consider.


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