K2 has focused on three pillars of Business Process Automation (BPA), making it easier to help you build and run business applications powered by your imagination.

  • Your business, your way - Build and run business applications, using workflows and forms that are completely customizable to your way of doing things.
  • Work smarter, build faster - Create, modify and reuse K2 applications with little to no code. Via mobile, email or company portal.
  • Maximize your data - Reach across departments and lines of business. Connect K2 apps to your current systems, such as SAP, SharePoint or Salesforce, without having to store it, ever.


Faster Forms, More Control

K2 provides a faster, easier way to create forms for business applications. With our drag-and-drop tools, code isn't necessary, and a powerful rules framework allows you to stay in control.

K2 comes with a whole bunch of controls, rules frame work and reusable views that simplifies forms building. You can even buy controls and build them yourselves to write once and use over and over again.


Deliver Outcomes not Tasks

Intuitively design workflows that connect people to information and work from basic task routing to complex enterprise-wide solutions. Most of the workflow is configured through drag and drop. You can visually build smart wizards and use inline functions to calculate and apply rules. If you need to code or call pre-build components you can still do that using the power of .NET.


Single source of Truth from Multiple Sources

Use visual tools, not code, to build reusable entities that use line-of-business and Web-based data, regardless of where it lives.

K2 provides SmartObjects that uses out of the box connectors to many data sources such as SQL, Oracle, SAP and back end systems including web services.

If you want to get to a particular system you can use smart services from other developers, jeylabs and also can build it yourselves.


Visibility Matters

Get real-time insight into your business processes. Get real time, interactive status updates. Track the progress and performance of your applications. Easily create reports that combine business system and workflow data.

How to Use?

jeylabs can help you leverage K2. We provide elite professional services to help you install and configure K2 in your environment or in the Cloud. We can help you correctly architect K2 based solutions that work and flow. We even train your users and IT teams in the use of K2 according to our best practices.

Our dedicated teams within Workflow centres of excellence at jeylabs including our K2 certified and recognised professionals work tirelessly to stay on top of the technology developments.

We use K2 to build many components to fit our customer requirements. These include smart services, inline functions, smart form controls, wizards, expressions and security providers. Only a few consulting teams around the globe have this level of deep expertise.

We also provide customisable native mobile solutions and test automation tools.



We support your K2 based applications through our Global Wrokflow Centres of Excellence and 24x7x365 support centres.

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