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What is Hyperfish?

All successful business applications and workflows rely on a well maintained database of employee and contractor personal and profile information. The source of truth is usually Microsoft Active Directory or Azure Active Directory.

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Unfortunately, AD/AAD doesn’t maintain itself. Company restructure, people being hired, fired and promoted all lead to information becoming out of date. People do not automatically update this information as they do not see it as relevant. If prompted by company policy, the process is usually time consuming and complicated.

Hyperfish enables organisations to identify information that is out of date, missing or inconsistent and update it quickly and easily.

How Does This Work?

After detecting information that needs verification or updating, Hyperfish sends users a message to confirm or request it. Often this information is auto populated based on suggestions Hyperfish finds in other systems such as email and LinkedIn.

People can then easily reply by email, instant messenger or via an easy to use mobile interface.

Now you have consistent directory information that can be used as your single source of truth.


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