How to Drive Effective Customer Journeys with Conversational Software Bots?

Conversational Software Bots are making their way into Enterprise Applications. jeylabs has been using intelligent software robots to help companies win big. 

We build modern apps to automate business processes to delight our clients. We follow the management by exception model when architecting our solutions. So, we already automate and remove mundane aspects of computing from users. We use UiPath Software Bots to create a digital workforce to provide assistance to human workers in a digital modern workspace. There are significant benefits to be achieved by deploying Conversational Software bots.

Chat-bots are another way of humanizing interaction with systems with natural language. It allows for group conversations, translations, expert oversight, self-improvement and convenient methods of communication.

At jeylabs, we use Chat-bots to streamline many of our customer and staff experiences.

Chat-bots facilitate the creation of Systems which can evolve along with the needs of your customers, employees and service providers. When it comes to applications that are hard to change and costly, Chat-bots can play a great role in accelerating productivity and ROI. Software bots can reduce the risk of new application builds and training

Using software bots you can uncover hidden productivity scenarios and unleash the potential of your people. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is a natural technology fit for Chat-Bots

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At the Digital Workplace Conference held in August 2018 in Melbourne, we have presented our experience with improving customer journeys using chatbots. We discussed, How and why enterprise process automation scenarios including backend integration can be and should be enhanced. Here is the FB Live telecast of this presentation.