Conversational Chat Bots for Productivity

Conversational Chatbots for Productivity 


We love helping our customers achieve incredible outcomes. We keep abreast of technology trends. Time to time we bring new offerings to market with new partnerships and innovations.

Using Chatbots we can provide new and interesting use cases to existing applications. RPA has become an area of interest to some of our customers in the recent years.

Using software robots to intelligently assist staff with boring, repetitive, and tedious tasks is not a new idea.

This concept is what led to the innovation of Test Automation software and boy we know it well. Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA) was something many software developers would be familiar with.

Bot automation is getting momentum. Pundits are predicting RPA/RDA to become a multi-billion dollar investment area for enterprises and Digital workforces of future will be made of teams of Information workers and an army of Software Bots.

So, How are you going to be automating tedious tasks for your Staff?

At jeylabs we use ChatBots to streamline our helpdesk experience. 

At the upcoming DWC in Melbourne we will present our experience with improving customer journeys using chatbots. We will discuss, How and why enterprise process automation scenarios including backend integration can be and should be enhanced.

At jeylabs, we build modern apps to automate business processes to delight our clients. We follow the “management by exception” model when architecting our solutions. So, we already automate and remove mundane aspects of computing from users. However, there are still significant benefits to be achieved by deploying Software bots.

When it comes to applications that are hard to change and costly, RPA/RDA can play a great role in accelerating productivity. Software bots can reduce the risk of new application builds and training. Your staff can simply train the Bots themselves to assist with their workflows.

Using software bots you can uncover hidden productivity scenarios and unleash the potential of your people.

Keen to learn more? We can help you with an obligation free assessment for bot suitability. Contact us now and get started!!