Why Upgrade to PowerToolz Suite?

Why should you Upgrade to PowerToolz Suite?

You can already see the power of PowerToolz Express - Workflow Converter when it comes to converting your workflow definitions.

You also know of our PowerToolz Analyser and how effective it is in helping you understand your K2 environment and getting deep and useful insights on your K2 objects.

You already know how important regression testing is for any K2 application and how PowerToolz Tester allows you to create and maintain these quickly.

Could you Imagine the benefits of having all of these tools working for you? That is PowerToolz Suite :)

PowerToolz Suite is a collection of awesome tools and features to accelerate your K2 success. In particular, Test automation features will help you confirm the quality of your workflow conversions.

Stop manually testing forms, views, workflows or smart objects. Get PowerToolz to generate powerful test scripts and execute test scenarios with dynamically generated data inputs. 

Check out PowerToolz now.