PowerToolz Express - Workflow Converter - Feature List

Key Features of PowerToolz Express - Workflow Converter - for K2 Five - Process Converter - Express conversions to K2 Five (5.1) - Version 3.0

PowerToolz Express is a workflow converter. It aims to give you a head start with converting your K2 4.7 Workflows to K2 Five. It helps you identify your critical workflows and convert them quickly with confidence. 

PowerToolz Express will help you identify any issues with converting your workflow definitions to K2 Five. It provides you with a detailed report and guidance to resolving those identified issues.

Server events, preceding rules and other contructs that are not supported in K2 Five will be adjusted and replaced with place holders by PowerToolz Express. It also provides you with suggestions to modify these constructs so that you can complete the conversion.

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Using PowerToolz Express you can consistently and quickly convert your workflows to the Modern K2 Five infinite canvas process designer. You no longer need to keep using the Legacy process designers to maintain them.

The following Key features of PowerToolz Express help you leverage K2 Five fully:

  • Workflow Analyser - Identify the candidates for conversion
  • Analysis Report
  • Save Analysis Report as PDF
  • Workflow Converter - converts over 80% of your workflow shapes 
  • Smart Layout gives you a head start - dont start with a blank canvas
  • Dependency Analyser reports missing artifacts in the target environment - Avoid nasty surprises
  • Workflow Conversion Report
  • Save Conversion Report as PDF
  • Save converted Workflow to K2 Five format
  • Open/Edit/Deploy Workflow in K2 Five
  • Conversion guidance - Learn the new K2 Five design concepts just-in-time.
  • All SharePoint Event Wizards are supported
  • All Docusign Event Wizards are supported
  • Connect to multiple K2 4.7 servers to load KPRX
  • All Dynamics CRM Event Wizards are supported
  • We also support conversions of the workflows created using the K2's Silverlight based process designer.

PowerToolz Express has some limitations:

  • The tool only able to convert the features available in the target K2 Five environment.
  • SP2010 event wizards are not supported
  • InfoPath Integrated Client events and SharePoint Workflow Integration Client Events are converted along with their notification, escalations, actions, outcomes, and rules to Task Steps. But they requires further manual steps to point them to SmartForm events.
  • When the tool encounters an activity or client event or a setting that cannot be converted to K2 Five, it will mark it so and provide guidelines in the conversion report. It is impossible to perform a 100% conversion.
  • The good news is, we are continuously incorporating feature requests and your feedback and the tool is being improved. New updates are made Every 6-8 weeks. 
  • Best way to see the power of the Tool is to download an eval and run it in your dev environment and review the reports it produces for you.

Report covering guidelines for manual steps.

Report covering dependencies

How to Buy?

PowerToolz Express Version 3.0 for K2 Five(5.1) is now available for purchase.

PowerToolz Express - 1 Year Subscription License - Unlimited internal company use - Includes support and product updates - Only $4500 USD

Obviously, Trial or Eval versions cant be used for conversions or converted workflows to be deployed to Production environments. Just Make a purchase now.

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