PowerToolz Express For K2 Five

PowerToolz Express - A powerful workflow converter to accelerate your K2 Five success


We want to help you get on with K2 Five fast

  • K2 Five is here. It comes with a new process designer. It is revolutionary.
  • Processes designed in previous versions of K2 are no longer supported in the K2 Five workflow Designer.
  • They will need to either be recreated or converted to enable editing.
  • PowerToolz Express helps you get a head start with converting  these workflows automatically



Be Great with K2 Five!

  • PowerToolz Express helps you convert your K2 4.7 process definitions into the modern K2 Five infinite process designer canvas fast.
  • You can Analyse, Convert, Save and Report on conversion outcomes.
  • Don’t start with a blank canvas. Lets help you have a head start with conversions.
  • Save time and resources by automating the rebuild of what can be converted.
  • Create reports and visual place holders for what can’t and move fast.
  • PowerToolz Express guides you through the changes so that you can learn the new methodology in K2 Five faster




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How to Buy?

PowerToolz Express for K2 Five is now available for purchase.

PowerToolz Express - 1 Year Subscription License - Unlimited internal company use - Includes support and product updates - Only $2500 USD

Obviously, Trial or Eval versions cant be used for conversions or converted workflows to be deployed to Production environments. Just Make a purchase now.

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