Do you believe in partnerships? We do.

Our approach has been to work closely with partners to add value. We work with our networks of specialists and vendors to serve our customers better.

At present jEyLaBs actively partner with Microsoft, K2, Kodak Alaris, ABBYY, Adlib, hyperfish, IBM Watson, Minit Labs, Dropbox Business and AWS.

These partners share our values and enhance our capabilities. We leverage our partners to help us deliver our products and solutions in the geographies where we want to operate but lack local presence.

We have a laser focus on the solution sets we work with and that gives us the edge when it comes to tech. No matter the price we quote we deliver above and beyond. Going the extra mile comes standard with jEyLaBs. We expect the same from our partners.

If you think we would be a great partner for you or you want to help us extend our offerings in your market segment or region then please contact us via