Nintex Process Management and Workflow Automation

Easily do more with less

68% of all enterprise processes still remain highly manual
Source: McKinsey & Company
Nintex Process Management and Workflow Automation Nintex Process Management and Workflow Automation

Automate and Integrate Business Processes with Nintex

Workflow and Forms for Everyone
Nintex Process Management and Workflow Automation Nintex Process Management and Workflow Automation

According to MicKinsey & Company, the number 2 issue behind organisations operating with inefficient processes is "Too Hard to Implement - Heavy Coding Required".

Nintex process automation technologies empowers you to rapidly deliver little to no code forms and workflow solutions.

With aggressive acquisitions of supporting technologies, Nintex is providing enterprises with a complete digital business platform that can handle everything from workflow and content automation to process mapping to digital transaction management to the last mile of automation with RPA.

Our Nintex Consulting and Support Services team is focused on Business Process Automation (BPA) and have years of expertise in Nintex application design, build and support.

How Does This Work?

Nintex is simple, point-and-click workflow that connects every person, department and system inside or outside of your business

Mobile and Offline

Build forms quickly and deploy them to any device using the readily available and re-brandable native Nintex Mobile apps to support your remote, offline and on the road workforce needs.

Start small and Grow BIG

Nintex Process Management and Workflow Automation

Begin with a small investment or a subscription license and grow as your needs grow. One app or workflow to multiple departments and international business units to On premises, Cloud or a hybrid setup, you can increase your investment as you see solid returns.

Nintex Process Management and Workflow Automation
Nintex Consulting and Support
  jeylabs & Nintex Process In A Day Workshop

You can Do a Lot More with Less

Nintex Consulting and Support
  jeylabs & Nintex Process In A Day Workshop

Our experience with systemising business processes can help you accelerate your success with Nintex. We will guide implementation projects to success through the full life cycle, assisting you every step of the way.

Our architecture philosophy is all about highly configurable applications that perform well and meet functional goals.

There is art and science behind this stuff. Doing more with less is a secret sauce. Many people are still looking for it. We have found it and we will gladly share it with you.

Top five processes across six departments

Nintex automates processes across all business functions

Sales and Marketing

  • Proposal and contract generation

  • Quote to cash

  • Demand generation

  • Customer activity and billing

  • Account and pipeline reviews

Customer Service and Support

  • Help desk

  • Field service automation

  • Customer satisfaction lifecycle

  • Customer complaint management

  • Customer communication

Finance and Administration

  • Contract management

  • Vendor and contract approvals

  • Invoice processing

  • Expense/travel approvals

  • Expense management

Operations and Procurement

  • Product approval process

  • Quality assurance

  • Product life cycle

  • Materials and services ordering

  • Resource tracking and management

Information Technology

  • Help desk

  • Service provisioning

  • Mobile enablement

  • Internal process automation

  • Extending existing systems

Human Resources

  • Employee recruitment

  • Employee on-boarding

  • Leave requests

  • Timesheet tracking

  • Compliance and notifications