Welcome to jeylabs News - Sep 2016

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Welcome to the September edition of jeylabs News

Join us in Germany at the K2 Customer day in Frankfurt.

jeylabs PowerToolz is the Platinum sponsor of the K2 Customer Day Europe being held at the Hilton Frankfurt Airport on Wed 5th October.

We are keen to share our experience and how we use PowerToolz to accelerate K2 success for our customers and fellow K2 partners.

PowerToolz for K2 is a feature rich, purpose built productivity aid, with a focus on accelerating K2 success for K2 Administrators, Process Owners, Support staff, Developers, Testers and Consultants.

Now that K2 4.7 is out, our next release of PowerToolz will include even more exciting features.

PowerToolz provides deep insights into your K2 applications, their composition, behaviour and environment.

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Do You Deliver Daily ?

Deliver or Die !

Delivering projects is our game. Often it can become a complex beast to tame.

First a need is identified, a team is assembled or acquired to deliver the project, then If all goes well, we have an application live in production. The business users actually start to utilise the solution and the business benefits.

More often than not, hurdles come and parties get distracted from the core problem. In the current world of change, we should identify what is required to bring the solution to market in less than 8 weeks, deliver it, get it into production and continue building from there.

Following this methodology makes management and business users happy, as ROI is made visible quickly and something tangible is given to the users in a short amount of time.

jeylabs has invested in building a system which guides us to deliver daily. Aptly named Deliver Daily, the system has provided greater structure and automation than any other project management system out there and the results have been staggering. In the last 3 months, we have delivered 4 solutions to customers using Deliver Daily.

To discuss more to understand our project delivery method, call us on (AUS) 1300 767 550 or (Int) +61 3 9863 7601

Should You Buy or Build?

The Buy vs Build argument has been around ever since we had reusable code. We face this every time we propose a solution to a customer problem. This question somes times surfaces as Cloud vs On-Prem. This also affects businesses that have invested in a legacy platform such as Lotus Notes or a homegrown system that is clearly outdated.

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DEVICE CORNER - KODAK i3200 Scanners


  • 15,000 pages/day
  • 50 Pages Per Minute
  • Space-Saving Design Intelligent Document Protection
  • 250-Sheet Feeder/ Elevator Optimized for Data Extraction

Imagine, with the click of a button and in the one process you can :

  • Scan to multiple formats (eg PDF, PDF/A, JPG, TIFF, etc)
  • Create searchable documents
  • Email and store documents in multiple locations

Click here to see the Kodak Alaris scanner range