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Welcome to the October edition of jeylabs News

PowerToolz World Tour - Thailand

As the move to K2 Five gains momentum for K2 customers in Thailand, we had a great opportunity to showcase how we ensure quality assurance whilst upgrading. Our wonderful friends in Bangkok asked if we could bring our PowerToolz World Tour to them, their partners and their customers. We happily obliged.

Chatting to many partners and customers about what might be holding them back, we found that the main factors were:

  • Upgrades are time-consuming
  • Current versions are “doing their job”
  • Not having the right internal expertise to upgrade or test
  • Not having the confidence to upgrade. What will break?
  • Not having the right tools to speed up the upgrade process and assure quality

The message that we took abroad was that PowerToolz for K2 allows you to set an automated testing baseline within legacy environments, convert your workflows to K2 Five, then re-test for quality assurance.

We demonstrated that with the PowerToolz for K2 suite, the upgrade process is a lot less daunting and can happen very quickly. With PowerToolz, you can:

  • Streamline your delivery methodology
  • Fill the gaps where there is a shortage of testing teams
  • Have confidence when apps are released
  • Reduce human errors
  • Steer away from manual, repetitive work
  • Confidently develop more apps
  • Support K2 applications more efficiently with reusable test scripts

We thank Ake and his team for hosting jeylabs. For more information on PowerToolz, visit https://www.powertoolz.com.au

Are you making the most out of your SAP investments?

Over the last few years, we have seen many organisations play solo with their SAP installations. Clunky batch processes are often a means to an end and never offer the real value of systems integration with software such as Theobald Software’s SAP connector.  

Theobald’s SAP connector helps organizations drive their Digital Transformation through seamless integration with their SAP investments.

Founded in 2004, Theobald Software has grown to become a leading provider for SAP integration solutions. Their products enable all common third-party systems to integrate with SAP. While they have traditionally been focused on connecting the Microsoft world with SAP, they have steadily enlarged their product portfolio in recent years to include non-Microsoft scenarios and systems.

In addition to:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Power BI
  • Azure
  • SharePoint Server

their products work with data warehouse solutions from:

  • Oracle
  • IBM DB2 and EXASolution
  • BI solutions from Tableau, Alteryx, Qlik, Salesforce, and BOARD

Here you will get an overview of their product portfolio

Their partnership with Microsoft and SAP, together with their customer-focused innovation and professional services are the cornerstones of their company. More than 2,500 global customers across any industry already benefit from their solutions.

Join us to discover more with one of our webinars, Rock your SAP Integration with Theobald and Chat Bots, or contact us directly on 1300 767 550 or empower@jeylabs.com.au

Do you possess the Super Powers of an Integrated Business?

Integration of people, process and tools are the core processes of any business. Technology aids by implementing this Integration.

For example, jeylabs have seen enterprises with 25+ cloud-based systems, all integrated through APIs and using a variety of hacks. We have seen monolithic ERP systems that do most of everything a business needs. We have even spoken to business owners where their EAs do all the “Integration work” manually every day. We have worked with organizations that run on dynamic business application platforms.

Today, we want to explore the Secret Powers of how an effective business integration can allow you to dominate your market. At a high level, we see three sets of Secret Powers.

Secret Power 1: The All Knowing

Integration of two seemingly disparate business activities can provide unseen insights when they are put together in a way that makes sense for your business.

The secret to knowing the secrets is this Integration. The knowing power makes you smarter. If you can truly understand where your ideal customer comes from, what their next need going to be well ahead of time, you can take advantage and serve them better than your competitors.

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Secret Power 2: The Well Deciding

Decision making is a crucial activity for every business. Day to day tactical decisions to long-term strategic decisions that are made over the lifetime shapes the path a business takes from inception to exit.

Just knowing the market situation is one thing and genuinely understanding that is another.

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Secret Power 3: The Awesome Execution

Once the business management makes a decision, how long does it typically take to execute it?

Does your business achieve all the desired outcomes of a decision?

We see projects getting sanctioned, budgets created and people hired to execute projects all the time. But, over 70% of projects don’t meet all the desired outcomes.

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Quality assurance of execution is crucial. Whether it is training your staff or checking a document for missing information, verifying the quality of a process is essential to business success.

The Quality of a product or service delivered to customers can be verified using automated processes. By adding checkpoints over time, you will build a rigorous verification process that will ensure your output is improving in quality by many folds over time. Integrating this with customer care processes, manufacturing processes, training processes and hiring processes, you can achieve unprecedented levels of success.

The value of true business systems integration is still unrealized by  many firms. To discuss this further and work with us through one of our “Innovation Workshops”, contact us directly on 1300 767 550 or empower@jeylabs.com.au