Welcome to jeylabs News - Oct 2017

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Welcome to the  October edition of jeylabs News

How are workflow solutions being used?

Did you know that workflow solutions are commonly used for automating Staff onboarding, Contract management, Event planning and Customer feedback?

Organisations are recognising the value of  quickly automating common processes using smart workflow and forms applications.

Check out the benefits of deploying Nintex based workflow solutions.

Why Accurate User Profiles are Important for Productivity

Up to date people profiles are critical to delivering new capabilities and a great experience in Office 365 and other systems and applications that all need user data to be effective such as SAP, SFDC, Skype, Yammer, K2, Nintex, ServiceNow, Documentum, Peoplesoft, OpenText, Kronos, Workday etc.

Keeping profile information up to date within one source of truth is a common and widespread problem, without a common solution. That is, until now.

Hyperfish Lite is available now to fix your profile photos for free!

Along with the free user profile analyser, Hyperfish Lite now offers to automate the  process of fixing user profile photo issues for free.

Click here to check out Hyperfish Lite or read more.

Accelerate your K2 success

If you use anything incorrectly you will never achieve the best outcomes. If you dont measure, monitor or review your K2 investments, how can you get the best outcomes from it? 

Are you experiencing any of these right now?

  • Limited technical resource availability to meet needs
  • Burden of keeping resources trained and skilled
  • Maintaining and updating applications manually
  • High cost of consulting resources or Travel costs
  • Manual work required for maintaining the environments' quality
  • Manual administration or Manual Testing costing you time and money
  • Insufficient data management or reporting skills within your team
  • Struggling to provide 24x7 support
  • You want to move to K2 Cloud
  • You think you can do better

If you have said 'yes' to any of the above then please click here to read more.