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Welcome to the November edition of jeylabs News

Victoria University Case study.

November K2 User Group Hosted by jeylabs

jeylabs hosted the Melbourne K2 user group gathering this month. Great presentations were delivered on topics such as Dev Ops for K2, The K2 Roadmap and 4.7 updates.

One of the highlights of the evening was the Victoria University case study. VU spoke in detail about the project jeylabs is helping them implement.

VU’s academic employees undertake a range of learning and teaching duties that are currently managed offline. The management of duty allocation and timesheeting is costing them a lot in over payments and administrative overheads each year.

VU engaged with jeylabs to provide a digital automation solution that included:

  • on-time onboarding of sessions staff and their payments
  • simple navigation to allow staff to easily allocate duties
  • reporting features to assist in managing expenditure
  • functional features such as identifying duplicate or wrong time entries and understanding which type of roles equate to various rates of pay.
  • an online & semi-automated approval workflow 

The jeylabs solution provided VU with a comprehensive summary of expenditure, trends of specific duties, ensure the allocations are approved by the appropriate managers, and increase efficiencies to manage edits and avoid over payments.

The solution is developed and managed using best practice delivery methodologies, including automated regression testing and monitoring using PowerToolz for K2.

The jeylabs Difference
This is VU’s second engagement with jeylabs. Our modern approach to workshop requirements & scenarios, Our deliver daily system and our Team's enthusiasm to understand priorities and deliver user friendly solutions to customers was well appreciated by VU in their formal feedback. 

To discuss how we can assist you, call us on (AUS) 1300 767 550 or (Int) +61 3 9863 7601

jeylabs Supports Young Aussie Racer to reach new heights.

Dylan Young visits LABS

Dylan Young is an open wheel racer working to one day race at the elite F1 level. Currently he competes in the MRF Challenge Formula 2000 Championship and is a Formula 3 category - podium finisher.

jeylabs supports inspiring young Australians to achieve their dreams and have sponsored Dylan for the last 2 years.

This month he visited our LABS team for some inspiration and shared his experiences for this year.

Dylan expressed his sincere thanks to Jey Srikantha and jeylabs for continued support.

Thanks for the visit Dylan, we look forward to the Go Karting with you next month.

Redefining the DeliverDaily Experience.

jeylabs Deliver Daily

Over the past few months jeylabs has been expanding its in-house adoption of Deliver Daily (DD) for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) functions. The in-house adoption of DD to deliver the daily operations of the business has enabled first-hand operational experience to be translated into numerous enhancement and improvement requests that are redefining the features and usability of DD. The rapid turnaround of these requests by the DD development team to continual improve DD is testament to the skills and commitment of the jeylabs development team.

November marked a significant milestone in the DD adoption road map, with the jeylabs support portals being successfully migrated from JIRA to DD with barely a ripple observed by our clients.

The adoption of DD will improve operational efficiency, enhance communication both internally and with clients and deliver a single platform for all ERP functions. DD is an integral part of the jeylabs business and jeylabs is focused on constantly improving DD to drive further gains.

The evolution of DD continues – contact us to see how it could benefit your organisation?


Latest Release : PowerToolz

jeylabs PowerToolz supports K2 4.7.

We encourage all K2 customers to upgrade to K2 4.7 as soon as possible to leverage the latest of K2’s innovations.

You can use PowerToolz to get your regression test suites developed to assist with a smooth upgrade and post upgrade verification.

With the major 4.7 release we have added new SmartForm themes. Acquire them for free now from within the PowerToolz Themes Installer.

PowerToolz also supports looping in SmartForm and SmartObject test script execution. This allows you to kick off multiple forms submissions with a single script execution call. Great for load testing.

Also, Multiple SmartView instances in a single SmartForm now gets special support with test scripting.

New to Release:

  • SmartObject redirection – This is very basic feature that allows the user to move the SMO server from SmartBox to SQL and vice versa.
  • Environment Document Generation – PowerToolz is now capable to run through the environment, collect the detail and generate document

Please Request an evaluation of PowerToolz at PowerToolz.com.au now !