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Welcome to the July edition of jeylabs News

We are proud to anounce that jeylabs and our joint partners Hyperfish and Adlib are Silver sponsors of this years Digital Workplace Conference held at the Sofitel Sydney Wentworth Hotel. 23-24 August 2017.

This event provides a unique opportunity to participate in two days of unequalled learning

  • Embrace New Ways of Working with the Thought Leadership Track. 
  • Learn about Communicating, Collaborating and building a Productive Workplace. 
  • Deep Dive with expert Technical Speakers for IT Pro and Developer content. 
  • Gain skills and knowledge on SharePoint and Office 365! 

You are Invited

  • 2 days of intensive learning
  • 4 tracks of BRAND NEW CONTENT
  • 41 sessions by industry experts
  • 400+ people to connect with
  • Equivalent of $5,000 worth of training
  • 3 Additional Pre / Post Workshops by International Guests

There are a myriad of great sessions to attend spanning:

We have Ian Newark form jeylabs speaking on 6 Million Dollar Return on Digital Transformation

Use the Discount Code jeylabs50 to get $50 off your 2-day ticket.


Register 3 or more and get 20% off as a group discount.


Driving a Better Customer and Employee Experience with Process – Pre-Emptive vs Reactive.

In the old days (as in pre-smartphones) customer retention was driven by brand loyalty, a smiling face behind a counter,  a warm welcome in a branch or a friendly voice on the phone. Waiting a few days or even weeks for feedback was expected and acceptable.

In today’s App-Driven economy, customers demand instant gratification. The words ‘brand loyalty’ has been removed from the everyday vocabulary. Why would you put up with average service when you can shop around online, anywhere and at anytime for a different service provider.

I am sure we can all relate to the last minute online search for a new insurance or medical provider, real estate agent and increasingly our travel requirments. I recently changed my vehicle insurance provider after being with them for 3 years, not because of bad service but simply because they had not taken the time to analyse my needs and re-value my vehicles. They sent me what I felt was an inaccurate quote, based on ageing data. A quick online search provided me with a number of preferable options and as a consequence I have changed insurer.

If the organisation in question had unlocked the hidden value in their data and used this within their underwriting processes they could to their advantage of have retained me as a customer.

With the above story in mind I would like to challenge you to consider what happens in your organisation when customers or employees perform the following actions:

  • Click the ‘pay’ button on your applications
  • Fill out a form on your website
  • Call your customer call centre with a query
  • Report a fault and request a technician (I have another sad story about my oven repair)
  • Submit a claim
  • Send an email
  • Send a fax (Yes, fax machines they still exist)
  • Request a document or contract to be reviewed

Typical answers include:

  • An email is sent to a team for action
  • A PDF document is generated and then and email is added to a queue
  • The call centre agent makes a note and sends an email to the relevant department
  • We cannot tell you what time when the technician will be there, just wait all day
  • The document is sent to a mailing group for review. Who knows when we will get a response

Can you relate to the above answers?

The reality is that process happens in every organisation, every day whether we manage it or not. If there are no systems then the process is driven by Excel, paper, email and humans.

The reality is that bad processes lead to a bad customer service.

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Microsoft To-Do - Intelligent Task Management App.

Task management has become an integral part of our lives. We spend considerable amounts of time managing tasks on a daily basis. This includes, creating them, assigning tasks to appropriate people, updating task details and tracking their progress to completion.

There are plenty of Task Management apps in the market today. These apps facilitate the management and tracking of tasks. Some even integrate with popular productivity tools such as Microsoft Office for ease of use. These tools also enable task management via many devices including phones.

Recently Microsoft introduced a new task management app that makes it easy to plan and manage your day.  It is "Microsoft To-Do".  The new, intelligent task management app from Microsoft. This app delivers a smarter, more personal and intuitive way to help people stay organized. With the Power of Office 365 integration and an intelligent algorithm behind it, This app brings intelligent task management to help us achieve more every day.

With Microsoft To-Do, you can create a list of tasks for anything. You can create a list of tasks for your school, for work, home or just for shopping. You can add due dates and notes and configure reminders to keep track of deadlines. Microsoft To-Do can be accessed from anywhere with the To-Do apps for iPhone, Android, Windows 10 devices and the web.

Microsoft To-Do’s smart algorithm helps you to manage your daily to-dos and provides Intelligent Suggestions for ideas on what’s most important.

With the integration with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft To-Do makes it easy to stay on top of your Outlook Tasks from anywhere using any device.

Get Microsoft To-Do Preview for iPhoneAndroidWindows Phone and the Web today.