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Welcome to the July edition of jeylabs News

How do you Execute your Plans in the new FY?.

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.

I am sure you've heard this before. Planning is critical to anything. Unfortunately for me, I see way too many people worry so much about a fool proof plan that, they never get to even make a start. Apparently, 99% of people die before they finally decide to be truly successful. This is sad in this Information Century where anyone can become successful as long as they have the mindset required.

My mentors helped me through my tough times in business. I have a great supporting network of family and friends. This helped me survive the dark days. After 7+ years of entrepreneurship, I can tell you this, planning is critical but execution still is critical over everything else.

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Jey Srikantha
CEO & Entrepreneur

Are you still Typing Invoices Manually in FY17?

Every day we are still surprised by the number of businesses processing paperwork manually.

Some of the issues we have encountered across many businesses include the stress of working through piles and piles of paper. Once we start to tackle this pile, we rely on our eyes and typing skills to get this information into our respective finance systems. After an hour or so, boredom sets in and focus starts to degrade.

Another common pain point is that of seeking approvals. Chasing down people for approval, especially management is a real sore point within most organisations. It can take hours / days and sometime weeks to get that sign-off we need to progress our objectives.

So why automate accounts payable ?

  • Processing efficiency
  • Error reductionn
  • Approval efficiency
  • Integration with finance systems
  • And a level of enjoyment to the job

To find out more about the jeylabs AP Capture & Workflow solution, please register for one of our webinars here

Project Success with Our Mixed Model Delivery

Our customers expect accelerated project success in the most cost effective manner.

We are constantly under pressure to deliver projects faster, better & successfully in the most cost effective manner. Businesses are looking for rapid outcomes. Using on-shore, off-shore and mixed models, jeylabs has been exceeding our customer expectations.

jeylabs' global delivery strategies are primarily based on deliver daily and continuous improvement philosophies. Constant feedback is always sought from our customers and brought back to our delivery team through process improvement. We vigorously monitor our own performance and strive to develop smarter, more efficient means of delivering projects.

A recently completed project now in production showcases our delivery success. Feedback from our client states

“We engaged jeylabs to design and build an interface application to streamline a cumbersome administrative process. In essence jeylabs provided a systemised process to take inputted webform information, present it via a new web based dashboard, enabling users to qualify the input & automatically load up a new client record into our custom database. A key part of the challenge was the necessary interactivity of various individual applications. Overall jeylabs delivered a solution which has supported our business with users throughout Australia & New Zealand able to now access a single system, delivering on average a +50% time saving in managing the individual data input versus our prior manual process. In real terms this has benefited our business by delivering a time saving cost of approximately 20% of a single FTE.”

We pride ourselves in our process and systems, as this ultimately allows us to bring to fruition projects designated to us by our customers on time and on budget.

Contact us to see how we can deliver your projects successfully in a cost effective manner.

P 1300 767 550
E sales@jeylabs.com.au

DEVICE CORNER - KODAK i3400 Scanners


  • 20000 pages/day
  • 90 Pages Per Minute
  • Space-Seving Design Intelligent Document Protection
  • 250-Sheet Feeder/ Elevator Optimised for Data Extraction

Imagine, with the click of a button and in the one process you can :

  • Scan to multiple formats (eg PDF, PDF/A, JPG, TIFF, etc)
  • Create searchable documents
  • Email and store documents in multiple locations

Click here to see the Kodak Alaris scanner range

PowerToolz 3.6.9

jeylabs supports organisations across the globe by assisting with the Systemising, Optimising and Monetising of business processes to accelerate their K2 project success.

PowerToolz for K2 is a feature rich, purpose built productivity aid, with a focus on accelerating K2 success. PowerToolz enhances the ability for K2 Administrators, Process Owners, Support staff, Developers, Testers and Consultants to deliver effective K2 solutions for their business users.

New features provided with PowerToolz 3.6.9 include:

  • User Experience
    • User based favourite items (K2 object) selection
  • SmartObject Testing
    • Data Randomisation
    • Method execution re-order
    • Randomisation Functions
    • Double Click to update method data
  • SmartForm Testing
    • Data Randomisation
    • Randomisation Functions
    • Improved User Interface
  • Visibility
    • Environment Comparison

PowerToolz provides deep insights into your K2 applications, their composition, behaviour and environment.

  • Download a FREE evaluation copy of PowerToolz for K2  here
  • Register for a PowerToolz for K2 webinar here
  • For more information on PowerToolz for K2, click here