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Welcome to the  February edition of jeylabs News

Are we being as productive as we can be?

2018 is here and is moving along with a certain degree of vengeance. It felt like only yesterday was Christmas day and already we are well into February. We now ask the question, have we made the best use of the working days and resources thus far against what we have invested?

Many vendors will suggest throwing offshore resources at a problem, and what we have discovered over the years is that this simply does not work. At best, it may deliver some outcomes, however, the effort in resolving misinterpreted requirements and dealing with difference in time zones adds to a painstakingly long and frustrating way to deliver a project. Frustration is the key word here!

Where we have found success is in a hybrid delivery approach. By marrying organizations with key local consultants, we have been able to bridge the communication gap by allowing customers to deal with local consultants face to face and having the bulk of the leg work managed and delivered by us through our offshore teams. From our point of view, by working with people groomed within our own offshore organization, we are able to effectively deliver and support around the clock, ensuring rapid customer success, with a piece of mind that someone is physically here to ensure a quality delivery.

To understand more on how we can help and hear some of our success stories, please contact us at empower@jeylabs.com.au

Capture Enabled Workflow

Often business processes have been automated to a certain degree, but not to its full potential. Data capture via forms and triggering workflows upon submission is common, however, have we considered getting information from its source into a form and/or workflow through capture automation?

We have come across many scenarios where document contents are being physically typed into forms and then sent through the workflow process. We know this is potentially erroneous and is frankly quite boring to do. What if we had the ability to extract information from documents and present business-ready data to our processes, automatically triggering workflows?

To overcome these scenarios, jeylabs has developed processes to capture information from structured and unstructured documents and trigger workflows. Capture sources can be derived from emails, paper, PDFs, etc.

To discover how we can build Capture Enabled Workflow into your business process automation, contact us at empower@jeylabs.com.au

Why cloud-based workflow automation platforms are leading the way

If you are used to buying software and building servers, then you could arguably buy Office the same way you used to and set up servers for all the workloads. But what you don’t get with that is:

With Office 365, your Office is always up-to-date. You will always get the latest version so there’s no need to worry about paying a large lump sum to buy software licenses every couple of years. Also, because Office 365 is a cloud service, you can log in to your account from any browser and get everything you need for your business in one place (including email, calendar, people’s contacts, their presence information, the ability to join online meetings with one click, and all your documents including a list of all recent docs). Plus, you get to sync all your documents in the cloud to your devices so you have them even when you are offline.

Working alongside Office 365, Nintex Cloud Solutions enable workflow for everyone, everywhere, on every device.

Nintex offers choice based on your SharePoint roadmap – on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid – they have you covered.

Nintex Cloud:

  • Connects you to all of your cloud platforms
  • Creates seamless content collaboration with the top cloud applications
  • Delivers anonymous forms outside of your firewall
  • Publish custom workflows without code

Contact us at empower@jeylabs.com.au to learn more about Nintex Cloud Solutions

Customer Success : IXOM wins with jeylabs & Nintex

IXOM is a market leader in water treatment and chemical distribution in Australia and New Zealand, with a growing presence in North and South America and Asia. IXOM supplies general chemicals across a diverse range of markets.

With a growing business and increasing number of new hiring activity, IXOM needed a better way to manage their Approval for Employee Requirement (AER) life-cycle.

jeylabs worked closely with IXOM to design and develop a new solution on the Nintex workflow platform to solve these inefficiencies.

Michael Jerkovic, IT Run manager, IXOM said: “jeylabs teams’ Can-do attitude helped us to redefine the strategy to transition from our old legacy workflow applications platform to O365/SharePoint/Nintex. jeylabs have been working with us closely to assist us identifying the best approach for replacing our legacy applications with Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms for O365. We have partnered with jeylabs for some months now, and the relationship we built has helped us deliver the best possible solutions on the Office365 platform, one being AER. We are also concurrently working on some solutions on this platform and look forward to working with jeylabs to continually extract even more value from our investment in the Nintex Technology.”

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