Welcome to jeylabs News - December 2018

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Welcome to the December edition of jeylabs news

Happy Holidays

I am very grateful for a fantastic 2018. jeylabs has doubled our team in Melbourne this year with many great new hires, amazing partnerships and transformational customer projects. 

As we mark our 10th year of operations with some grand celebrations, we sincerely appreciate the contributions of our staff, jeylabs alumni, customers, partners, friends and family. Our expansion to other parts of the globe thanks to the PowerToolz suite of products is a highlight of this year. 

Our pipeline is looking strong as we head into 2019 and I am genuinely excited to be part of this incredible team. Have a great holiday and Merry Christmas to everyone.

RPA- Robotic Process Automation with UiPath

Are you frustrated with having to perform the same mundane, repetitive tasks over and over again?

By delegating mundane tasks to these personalized digital robots, measurable productivity and efficiency levels of staff rise giving you clear ROI.

UiPath and jeylabs are now at the forefront of the RPA industry, and we tailor unique solutions that deploy digital robots to ease your workload in the following areas:

  1. Automate high-volume, repeatable tasks within existing processes.
  2. Mimic the way a user interacts with applications.
  3. Automate user tasks involving multiple applications.
  4. Reduce process costs and increase competitiveness.
  5. Free up busy staff to focus on creative and customer-oriented innovation.
  6. Support automation triggered by humans, or by other software robots including chat bots..
  7. Integrate with back-end and legacy systems.
  8. Use UiPath’s visual and highly intuitive Studio to design the sequence of tasks, generally performed by a user, that will be delegated to a robot with perfect accuracy.
  9. Allow UiPath robots to launch new business processes and interact with existing process apps built on K2 or Nintex.
  10. Manage exceptions, user interactions and unstructured process execution with K2 or Nintex based workflows.

RPA robots can interpret and read data just like us, however, they much faster, never take a day off or get sick, and perform their tasks without any errors.

If your business has repetitive, mundane tasks to be performed regularly (even within a digital environment), jeylabs would love the opportunity to demonstrate how a UiPath digital robot could be the solution to your headaches.

jeylabs is delighted to announce its partnership with RPA leader- UiPath. Together, we believe our vision will reshape the modern workplace, allowing employees to focus on core deliverables and free themselves from repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

To learn how RPA can integrate with your business, contact jeylabs on 1300 767 550 or visit jeylabs.com.au

Building trustworthy software

If we could live in a perfect world, nothing would ever fail. Being humans, however, the reality is we live in a world that is somewhat flawed; errors and mistakes are just a part of life.

Within our world of software development, this is no different. All software is prone to bugs and studies have shown 50% of software projects fail due to improper software development processes. It is simply impossible to test every aspect of any sophisticated software program manually.

We as humans sometimes struggle to comprehend our wants or needs until we have a seen it in some form. We often see requirements change during delivery phases and more often than not, post application version release. An average software development project experiences more than 20% change in conditions from the design stage to its first release. Hence the birth of DevOps to facilitate a “work in progress” application delivery.

With so much change, it is inevitable we introduce bugs. How do we manage this?

Low code business applications platforms such as K2 help pacify this problem to a certain degree. However, every software application requires rigorous quality management. Projects tend to hire people to hand test these apps. But, often it is tedious and expensive. 

Automated Regression Testing is a fantastic solution to this problem. It is cost effective and infinitely scalable. We have seen clients automating 70% of this manual app testing. Automation of regression testing finds quality issues before they affect end users. 

To see what we have built to combat these issues and assist with your DevOps and other delivery methodologies, read further: https://www.mwdadvisors.com/2018/11/02/jeylabs-powertoolz/