Welcome to jeylabs News - Aug 2017

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Welcome to the  August edition of jeylabs News

New Partnership Announcements

jeylabs is excited to be participating in the Digital Workplace Conference 2017 in Sydney this week as a Silver Sponsor with two of our valuable partners Hyperfish and Adlib.

We would also like to take this opportunity to announce two more strategic partnerships that will allow us to continue to offer our customers great outcomes as we work with them on their Digital Business Transformation journeys.

jeylabs has a long and successful history of digitising business processes, associated forms and mobile scenarios. So we can offer these expert services to existing clients and those embarking on their digital business transformation initiatives we are pleased to announce a new partnership in Australia with Nintex.

Nintex has a long history and rich product offering that we feel will allow us to reach an ever-increasing number of clients looking to digitise forms and business processes.

jeylabs has recently secured an exclusive partnership with Theobald Software GmbH to help organisations drive Digital Transformation through seamless SAP integration.

While Theobald has traditionally been focused on connecting the Microsoft world with SAP, they have steadily enlarged their product portfolio in the recent years to include non-Microsoft scenarios as well.

We look forward to working with Nintex, Theobald and our existing partners helping our clients achieve incredible digital business transformation outcomes.

Get Powerful Insights to your Business Data

It is paramount for any organization to get the right business insights to grow, align with current trends and/or make decisive strategic or tactical decisions allowing the business to sail in the right direction. 

Accessing these insights have become even more vital when ROI needs to be maintained.  Below, we would like to shine some light on some lesser known benefits of Power BI:

Automate your data manipulation (ETL) process in Power BI
Now you can save time in creating weekly and monthly reports for management or even yourself. Power BI can analyse your data through a feature called ‘quick insights’ and can build useful insights which gives a new edge to your reports and ultimately your decision making.

Row level security
Power BI allows report administrators to define security at a row level, which means (as an example) a branch manager will only see information pertaining to him, even though the report was compiled with all branch data.

Auto refresh schedule
Power BI can auto refresh new data every week or month or real-time according to your schedule.

Bring all your excel reporting to Power BI dashboard
You can publish your Excel reports directly to your Power BI dashboard and can share with anyone within the organization.

Visualization in geographical platform
A BI developer can leverage your Excel data to produce real time visualization maps.

Create and publish an organizational content pack
Imagine you're the Release Manager and you're getting ready for a new product launch.  You've created a dashboard with reports that you'd like to share with the team. Now you can package the dashboard and reports as a solution and can send the it to pre-define groups. 

Get access to reports directly from your mobile device, anywhere and anyplace, any time
Getting instant and accurate business insights is part and parcel for management to make effective decisions anywhere and anytime they want. Power BI gives the flexibility for managers to manage the operations and coordinate their team from almost anywhere in the world at real time.

To discover how to unleash your business insights, contact us on 1300 767 550 or at empower@jeylabs.com.au

Content Search is a feature available in the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center. It allows you to search for content across almost all data assets in your Office 365 tenant.

Content search makes it easier to search for emails, documents, Skype for business conversations, Microsoft Teams data and threads, Office 365 groups, SharePoint Online items and more.

To access it, Go to https://protection.office.com and Select “Content Search” under “Search and investigation”

Here are some examples as to where we could use Content Search in real life:

  1. To Get a list of all documents with one or more particular word in documents which are stored in SharePoint Online or OneDrive.
  2. You notice that some data belongs to a particular department and is shared with another. So you have to search for all the users’ emails, chat history and other Office 365 services to find its use.
  3. To figure out what sensitive information is made available within some shared folders. You can search by one or more search terms.
  4. You want to Get Search statistics for audit purposes.
  5. You want to export some keyword stats.
  6. To find out if people are discussing a particular topic of interest within Microsoft Teams.
  7. Check whether a client contacted your business teams through Skype for Business.

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