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Welcome to the August edition of jeylabs News

Want to Build and Run Reliable Apps?.

Reliability matters and K2 gives you that.

Microsoft is moving all of its software to the cloud as fast as it can. For SharePoint this has profound impact.

In a hosted or cloud model, customisation is very limited. Cloud is a multi-tenant environment and options for writing “custom code” are limited by design to ensure the robutness of this architecture. Yet customers need custom forms, workflows and access to data to drive business value in SharePoint and O365.

These capabilities are extremely limited and in some cases non-existent in the new SharePoint and O365 architecture.

Despite the addition of new features, workflow in SharePoint remains limited in many scenarios. SharePoint does not offer this functionality out-of-the-box (OOB), which forces organisations to spend time and resources on customisation. Without server side code the level of customisation is limited.

While getting the benefits of configuration of Office365, Power BI and SharePoint you do not want to end up managing a massive Azure based coding exercise for workflow. Unless managed carefully any customisation could cost reliability of your Apps. We recommend K2 for building your workflow based business apps and forms.

Contact us Now and we can help you with your Business Apps projects.

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Get Insights to your organisation's data NOW!

Are you that person who looks at graphs and charts every day to dig out some insights about your business?

How many times in the past few months, you wished you could see relations between different data trends in more than one way? Are you still waiting on your development team to create that dashboard you asked for last month? Did you ever wonder getting your dashboards onto business executives' phones could be a lot easier? Well, your wishes have finally come true. Welcome to the new way of converting your data into business insights in no time with Microsoft Power BI.

Power BI can bring data from a variety of data sources including your social media, SAP, Office 365, SharePoint, Excel and your in-house SQL databases. This allows you to create visual representations of data that can be used to setup meaningful dashboards. You can deliver these to your business users with no additonal effort.

Anyone with access to these dashboards can ask questions in your business lingo to find insights hidden in that data. Power BI uses a Natural language syntax to query the backend to get better insights and visual correlations instantly for you.

The exciting thing is, all your dashboards and reports are now readily available on mobile devices via the Power BI mobile app. You do not need to purchase an app or spend time and money on app development.

Contact us and Speak to one of our Consultants to discuss how Power BI can change the way you see your business insights.

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DEVICE CORNER - KODAK i1180 Scanners

The Kodak ScanMate i1180 Scanner Keeps in Step With Changing Business Technologies.

Technical Specifications

Capture Documents and Extract Information Quickly and Efficiently

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