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Welcome to the  April edition of jeylabs News

jeylabs wins at the Nintex World Tour 2018 Melbourne

A great day at the Nintex World Tour 2018 Melbourne

The jeylabs team had an amazing time discovering the Nintex roadmap and networking with customers and partners alike at the Nintex World Tour 2018 in Melbourne.

We heard from the Nintex product team on upcoming innovations. They are certainly cutting edge in the BPA cloud and on-prem space through forms, workflow and system integration. We look forward to seeing some of their new advances in technology offerings come to fruition. If you would like to know more, certainly get in touch with us.

Delivering Nintex based solutions has become a passion of ours. Representatives from IXOM and jeylabs participated in the event providing insights at the Q&A session led by Christian from Nintex. Mak, Michael, and Jey shared their perspectives on the journey which resulted in us both winning the Nintex Customer Solution award. We all are very proud of our achievements.

It was great to see Nintex recognizing customers and partners who put the effort to leverage their technology to make digital transformation a reality for many users.

Well done to the Nintex team for putting together a professional and informative event. We look forward to working together and bringing success to many more organizations.

If you want to learn more about our unique hybrid delivery approach to Nintex based projects, please email us at empower@jeylabs.com.au

Empowering Local Government is a serious business

Since our inception in Feb 2009, jeylabs has been working with many local government agencies. We have also worked with federal and state agencies. Recently, We were at the Local Government Professionals annual conference held in Melbourne.

We believe that many of the Local Government officers and councilors want to improve the quality of services offered to their constituency. In order to deliver that though they face many challenges. Our approach is to understand and assist with overcoming these issues.

Understanding these and many other related issues within the local government, we have developed a strategy to invest and work closely for the long-term success.

Through this viewpoint, We we’re able to find the right people with the appetite for innovation. This is very encouraging. We currently have a number of ongoing automation projects within local government.

By showing our commitment, flexibility and willingness to work with the councils jeylabs and other similar businesses can win with the local government.

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Why should you keep your low code apps platforms updated?

We have always strongly felt that the software platforms update cycles are essential to see the best performance and optimal user experience of your investments.

Typically, when an update is released, the following are addressed:

  • Security vulnerabilities get patched
  • Better functionality gets introduced
  • Bugs get eliminated 

Through the years, we have worked a lot with low code platforms. We have seen in person the effect of delaying upgrades and the impact of trying to upgrade across a few versions that have been missed. From our perspective, it is important that the update cycles are reviewed with a keen eye. From a front-end perspective, it is essential to get the best performance and optimal user experience. From a back-end perspective, it is important to plan and understand the impact of upgrades.

Support is key to ensuring this process is managed effectively. From planning to execution, jeylabs can assist you through many of our support programs around Nintex, K2, SharePoint and bespoke application environments. As an example of our K2 support offering, click here, otherwise contact us via empower@jeylabs.com.au for more information on this and other support offerings.

PowerToolz Express - A powerful legacy to K2 Five workflow converter

We want to help you get on with K2 Five fast

K2 Five is here. It comes with a new process designer. It is revolutionary.

Processes designed in legacy versions of K2 are no longer supported in the K2 Five Designer and will need to either be recreated or converted to enable editing.

Go Be Great with K2 Five!

PowerToolz Express helps you to convert your K2 4.7 process definitions into the modern K2 Five infinite process designer canvas. Analyse, Convert, Save and Report on conversion outcomes. Save time and resources by automating the rebuild of what can be converted. Create reports and visual place holders for what can’t.

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