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Welcome to the May edition of jEyLaBs News

Keeping Your Software Fit Is Important For Consistent Delivery.

Consistency is as important as quality delivery. You have installed SharePoint. You have configured your Workflow and You have built your first eForms application. You have celebrated the launch and took a holiday. You have done well.

You are now back to work. Getting the first set of applications live is a big step forward in your automation journey. Just as you have realised the importance of eForms, it is important to keep consistently delivering the envisaged value of the eForms platform to your stakeholders.

The last thing you want is the solution set you delivered to become the next legacy system to go out the window or get neglected. If you dont keep up with your level of service, what you have done becomes a one-off! It is important to employ an egagement model that ensures you deliver ongoing ROI to your organisation.

One way to achieve this is to establish a roadmap, specific and clearly established strategic and tactical goals, and a program of reviews and mentoring.

Now, have you performed health checks to ensure that your application platform is fit and well? Have you applied best practice techniques based on on-going learning and project experiences?

If you have not addressed some of these issues, consider chatting to our consultants. Review your budgets, the visible and invisible price you are paying and the ROI you are getting. We look at tangibles and intangibles. We provide a support and training programs which allows you to have a support network that cares about you and your organisation’s goals.

Keeping your software platform humming along nicely is important. Getting the maximum value out of it consistently, year on year is more important. Do you want to know what it takes to do it?

Drop us a note at empower@jEyLaBs.com.au or contact us on 1300 767 550.

Why Is Active Directory Health Important.

  1. Many enterprise apps are dependent on a healthy Active Directory to provide a good user experience. AD is one of the most accessed data sources.
  2. People are your key asset. AD is often the source of truth for a large portion of staff information.
  3. Inaccurate AD data leads to routing errors.
  4. Apps related to staff personal data or leave or salary can be negatively impacted with incorrect AD data.
  5. AD health can impact the user experience in many scenarios – data security, app performance, multi device rendering and solution scalability.
  6. Inaccurate AD data can result in higher software licensing and maintenance fees or compliance issues or even security breaches.

Hyperfish completes your AD and helps your AD to Effectively manage itself.

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Should you License or Build?.

The License vs Build argument has been around ever since we had reusable code. We face this every time we propose a solution to a customer problem. This question somes times surfaces as Cloud vs On-Prem. This also affects businesses that have invested in a legacy platform such as Lotus Notes or a homegrown system that is clearly outdated.

Do you license a product and customise it to your needs or build a solution from the ground up to meet your requirements? Nobody writes a database or an operating system anymore. We license them and build solutions on top of them or license products that uses these as prerequisites. These days we are used to platforms and we have our preferred choice of toolkit.

Which way we go depends on whether we have a clear case presented. If we can meet 80% of our requirements by using a solution or product then customising the rest should be an obvious option. But what if that 20% of the requirements could set you back you a whole lot more to customise or impossible to achieve? What if 10% is the most critical of requirements?

What happens if the company that produces the product or solution you are going to use as the base goes out of business or get bought out by your competitor?

What happens if you decide to build it yourself and the key people of your team go missing? What if your team couldn’t solve a critical Scalability, Performance or Security related issue with your code or integration or customisation?

What if you invest in a product and suddenly there are more economical and better options available in the next 8 months?

What if you couldn’t be sure of your entire requirement set? What if your business requirements completely change in 6 months?

There are many aspects that affect which way you decide to move. What is more important is that you consider all avenues and make an informed choice.

jEyLaBs has delivered many application platform migrations and modernisation of legacy systems across a plethora of domains. Reach out to us if you need any help with your License or Build decisions at empower@jEyLaBs.com.au or contact us on 1300 767 550.