Welcome to jEyLaBs News - Jan 2017

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Welcome to the January edition of jEyLaBs News

2017 – Here We Come.

From everyone at jEyLaBs we wish you a Happy New Year and welcome back to work. We hope you had wonderful end of year celebrations and are ready to make the most of 2017.

We would like to kick off the year by letting you know about our expansion plans for 2017 as outlined below.

jEyLaBs Secures Foreign Investment

We are expanding our global presence even further in 2017. We have secured investment from a Japanese firm recently to facilitate this growth. We are very excited to be expanding and look forward to working closely on many more exciting projects with our global customers and partners.

Sydney Team is Hiring

jEyLaBs welcomed Ian Newark and Louise Allsopp to our Sydney team recently. Ian and Louise are busy working with our customers in NSW, QLD and ACT.

We are adding 2 technical consultants to our Sydney team in 2017.

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Jey Srikantha

How Healthy is Your AD/AAD?

Research suggests that 75% of Microsoft customers have Active Directories that are missing basic information.

This means that:

  • Workflows that don’t go to the correct person or fail – Have you experienced the frustration of chasing up your holiday, expense or travel request?
  • IT overhead costs increase as IT resources manually maintain and update AD/AAD
  • Communication across the organisation is slow and frustrating as people search for new/changed contact details for co-workers
  • Directory and profile information does not conform to organisational standards and policies

Solve the above problems with Hyperfish. It enables organisations to automatically identify and populate missing information in directories. Using next generation technologies, Hyperfish automates the process of keeping Active Directory and Office Profile Information fresh and relevant.

How Does Hyperfish Work

Hyperfish uses new technologies such as machine learning, advanced analytics and Hyperbot™ technology to dramatically improve directory content in three phases:

  • Analyse continually monitors directories for inconsistent, invalid, aged and missing information
  • Suggest from internal, public sources and social networks. Gather suggestions to make it easier for users to validate and add information
  • Collect contacts users to request and validate information via personalised email workflow requests based on the information required and user preferences

jEyLaBs is now a Hyperfish Partner.

› Click here for more information or to request a demonstration.

› Click here to download a free trial.

Is Your Accounts Payable Process Causing You Headaches?

Are you experiencing the following problems?

  • Lack of visibility into invoices and AP document
  • High cost of the invoice process
  • Cash management
  • Policy compliance
  • Fraud and Theft
  • Accuracy and Errors
  • Inefficiencies
  • Missed due dates and late payments
  • Audits


› Click here for more information or to register for a free webinar.

Tell Us What You Want To Know About K2

Please email Louise Allsopp with your “How To” questions about K2.

Let her know what your pain points are, or ascertain whether there is a better way of doing it.

Enjoy the Summer Evenings - Download PowerToolz Now

jEyLaBs mission is to empower people to make the most of their time at work.

PowerToolz, enhances the users overall experience while simplifying processes. Who wants to be working when they can be using their valuable time doing the things they love?

Upgrade to to take advantage of the following new features:

  • Prevent SmartForms from unwanted edits
  • OOO in Bulk
  • Multiple user account switching in PowerScripts

› Request an evaluation of PowerToolz to accelerate your K2 project success.

Multiple User Account Switching in PowerScripts

Using PowerToolz the default Action User can impersonate as a different Action User so you only need to log in once when testing a process with multiple users. This saves you time and frustration.

With previous versions of PowerToolz, you need to log in as the user when testing a process. If the process has 10 users, you need to open 10 browsers and log in 10 times.

The Action User can be selected from either:

  • The K2 SmartObject for Active Directory Users
  • Active Directory

SmartToolz – New User Interface

PowerToolz now includes SmartToolz, an easy to operate user interface. This enables non-technical people to complete tasks in PowerToolz.

This was developed using K2 smartforms and will now allow mass adoption of PowerToolz in your organisation.

SmartToolz can be used with K2 4.6.11 and later versions only.

› If you need help upgrading let us know by emailing us at empower@jEyLaBs.com.au