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Welcome to the April edition of jEyLaBs News

Successful Digital Business Transformation.

Why should your Business Digitally Transform itself sooner rather than later?

Digital transformation is not a one-off exercise. It is an organisational level program to learn and evolve constantly, challenge status quo and improve digital capabilities one at a time.

The following 4 key benefits are achieved by organisations that digitally transform their business practices:

  • Empowered Employees
  • Streamlined Operations
  • Innovative Products and Services
  • Improved customer engagement

The 4 benefits listed (click here for the full article) are very valuable and realistic outcomes for a Digitally Transformed Business. Digital Transformation technologies are now readily available to business of all shapes and sizes.

A clear vision, a digital-first culture, management buy-in, adequate training and third party solution providers as your long-term strategic partners are some of the pre-requisites to begin your digital transformation journey to accelerate your business success.

Disrupt your market or be prepared to be disrupted by someone bigger or even much smaller than you.

jEyLaBs Consultants have assisted many organisations across various industries to transform their business processes. Read more about our success stories here. If you want to grow your business and want to learn how our Digital Business Transformation services could aid you please get in touch. 

To read the full article on Why should your Business Digitally Transform itself sooner rather than later, we encourage you to click here

Active Directory Health and Why It’s Important to Productivity

You probably speak to different stakeholders within a business that all have their own initiatives that they are looking to deliver.

Frequently, departments within organisations may purchase systems to meet their immediate needs without having to worry about whether these should be integrated with other parts of their organisation. This type of isolated execution very often creates duplicate sources of identity information that are then being managed by the individual departments.

However business stakeholders mustn’t be allowed to shoulder all the responsibility for these scenarios occurring. The IT team may have been busy with business as usual activities and had other priorities to address or simply didn’t realise the impact of not centralising key user information in a single source of truth such as Active Directory.

Across all your systems whether they be ERP, CRM, ECM, workflow, HR etc. the management of identity is a factor in driving productivity across your organisation.

In recognition of the key part that accurate identity management plays in all the engagements we are involved in, we have decided to partner with Hyperfish so we can provide our customers with a scalable and flexible way to manage Active Directory.

The video link below is a recent presentation with K2 that looks at why AD health is so important in relation to process management, but this message is equally applicable to any of the systems mentioned above.


We are so excited that Hyperfish is helping our customers we would like to extend two offers to you: 

01. Run the free/no obligation analyser to receive an accurate report of the health of your active directory - https://app.hyperfish.com/?campaign=jEyLaBs    

This is completely non-invasive and none of your data will be retained, it will literally analyse your AD and provide a report like the one below: 

If you would like us to we can jump on a webex and help you through the steps to run the report.

02. We are so confident that you will see real value from Hyperfish that we are offering a free 30-day trial for 50 users within your organisation.

If you would like help running the analysis tool, or would like to understand more about Hyperfish or setup your free trial please contact us at sales@jEyLaBs.com.au.

Are you making the most efficient use of your K2 administration and development time?


jEyLaBs mission is to empower people to make the most of their time at work. 

PowerToolz, enhances the users’ overall experience while simplifying processes. Who wants to be working when they can be using their valuable time doing the things they love?

Upgrade to to take advantage of the following new features:

  • Prevent SmartForms from unwanted edits
  • Schedule and bulk execute test scripts
  • Multiple user account switching in PowerScripts

Multiple User Account Switching in PowerScripts

Using PowerToolz the default Action User can impersonate as a different Action User so you only need to log in once when testing a process with multiple users. This saves you time and frustration.

With previous versions of PowerToolz, you need to log in as the user when testing a process. If the process has 10 users, you need to open 10 browsers and log in 10 times. The Action User can be selected from either:

  • The K2 SmartObject for Active Directory Users
  • Active Directory

›  Request a full-featured evaluation of PowerToolz to accelerate your K2 project success.