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k2 consultancy
Do you want to Possess the Secret Powers of an Integrated Digital Business?

Way back in 2009, As one of the elite consultants and an awarded ex-K2 Insider, Jey Srikantha has built a world class K2 consultancy. jeylabs is also an ex-member of the K2 Advisory Board.

Since, jeylabs has grown to become a global ISV and continues to develop our PowerToolz platform as an automation tool. jeylabs' mission is to assist enterprises accelerate their workflow projects successfully.

Superior Support, Dedication to Customers

Change is the only constant in this fast paced world of technology. Having access to our talented, passionate and committed consultants for break-fix, enhancements and preventative maintenance means you have the best people to help you face the tides of change with confidence.

We can take over 3rd party developed applications and support them in the areas of our expertise. If you have an issue with your Nintex/K2 application or a Question on a K2 update don't hesitate to call us.
Chances are that we have seen it and can help you using that experience.

k2 consultancy
k2 consultancy
The real value of digital transformation

You can achieve a Lot MORE! Accelerate your success even further with our Globally available K2 Assistance Programs.
In order to get this level of actionable information, There is significant work involved. You will have to invest in data experts to build out data modelling structures to create powerful visualizations. If you dont do it right and the insight derived isn’t actionable, or not connected to the processes, it often ends up being meaningless.

Are you Getting the best ROI from your K2 investments?

Are you experiencing any of these right now? If you use anything incorrectly you will never achieve the best outcomes. If you dont measure, monitor or review your K2 investments, how can you get the best value from it? Take a knee.

  • Limited technical resource availability to meet needs
  • Burden of keeping resources trained and skilled
  • Maintaining and updating applications manually
  • High cost of consulting resources or Travel costs
  • Manual work required for maintaining the environments' quality
  • Manual administration or Manual Testing costing you time and money
  • Insufficient data management or reporting skills within your team
  • Struggling to provide 24x7 support
  • You want to move to K2 Cloud
  • You think you could get more value

Support offerings

Program Features GSIX1 GSIX2 GSIX3 GSIX4 GSIX5
Assistance Services Included per Quarter 24 hours 48 hours 72 hours 96  hours 144 hours
Purchase additional hours No
Supported K2 Package(s) Starter, Builder Starter, Builder Starter, Builder Builder, Premier Builder, Premier, Enterprise
Support for K2 4.6.11, 4.7 and 5
Support for K2 Cloud
Support for K2 On-Premise
No of Apps supported 10 20 30 50 Unlimited
No of Forms supported Up to 25 Up to 25 Up to 25 Up to 125 Up to 1000
No of Workflows supported Up to 125 Up to 125 Up to 125 Up to 600 Up to 5000
No of K2 Environments Supported 3 3 5 5 Unlimited
Dedicated Service Delivery Manager No No No
Orientation & Roadmap No
Active Directory Health Check
Active Directory Profile Maintenance Limited Limited Limited Discuss Discuss
Regular Status Updates with Support Team No
Reporting Quarterly Quarterly Monthly Fortnightly Weekly
K2 Upgrades Included No
K2 Migrations Included  No No
Training offered Basic Standard Detailed Tailored Elite
Bug Fixes
Enhancements Limited
Response SLAs
Resolution SLAs No
Managed SLA Credits No No No No
Off-Site Support
Business Support Coverage 10 am – 4 pm > 9 am – 5 pm  8 am – 6 pm 7 am – 7 pm  6 am - 11 pm
24 x 7 x 366 Support Coverage No No No Discuss Discuss
On-Site Support No No No Discuss Discuss
National Public Holiday Support No No No
State Specific Holiday Support No No
PowerToolz for K2 Test Automation Limited 
PowerToolz for K2 Admin Automation Limited Limited
PowerToolz Express for K2 Five No
SmartForms Themes
SmartForms Controls No Limited
Smart Services No Limited Limited
PowerBI Reporting pack No No
Direct Access to Consultants No No No Limited
Whatsapp  Support No No
Email Support No
Permitted  Contacts 1 2 3 4 10
Minimum Contract period 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year

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