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We are a Proven Provider of Digital Transformation Solutions

Our team of specialist consultants can help you to build an Intelligent Workplace by re-engineering business processes into smart IT applications.

We do this by building intuitive, dashboard-driven interfaces, whith applications that can integrate with systems across the organisation. This eliminates disparity, creates transparency and eliminate bottlenecks throughout your organisation.

With over 10 years of ground-breaking experience, our digital business transformation consulting services produce breakthrough results for you anywhere within the project lifecycle.

You can Do a Lot More with Less

Our experience with systemising business processes will help you eliminate pain from your work. Elevate repetitive tasks, avoid mistakes, optimise processes and bring to light business insights. We also enable mobile, social, cloud and gamification of business applications.

Our architecture is designed towards highly configurable applications that perform well and typically meets all functionality requirements. Our Deliver Daily methodology gives us the edge when it comes to doing more with less.

There is art and science behind this approach. Doing more with less is a "secret sauce". Many people are still looking for it. We have found it and we will gladly share it with you.

jeylabs consulting
Intelligent Workplace Consulting
Intelligent Workplace Specialists

We deliver specialised IT consultancy services for Intelligent Workplaces through BPA implementations using Nintex, RPA implementations using UiPath, Local Intranet and Document Management through SharePoint, Hyperfish, Livetiles and related Microsoft technologies, as well as customised solutions using .NET and Open Source frameworks.

Eliminating Paper, Repetitive Tasks and Pain