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Rock your SAP Integration with Theobald

SAP is the backbone of a Real Enterprise. SAP is the system of record. It gets powerful as you integrate it with other systems of customer engagement.

Don't let your SAP play solo. Join us for a webinar to Learn how you can Rock your SAP integration with Theobald.

Chat Bots for Sales orders? Done. Mobile task list on the go ? Done. 

This session will cover backend and process automation platform integration experience.

You will see how the latest tech and innovations such as conversational software bots, AI, NLP & ML were utilised within eForms, SAP and Enterprise Helpdesk scenarios to achieve incredible customer outcomes.

Webinar : Rock your SAP Integration with Theobald

This session will cover the best options available for you to Integrate your SAP with ease.

Don't let your SAP play solo. SAP becomes more powerful with every integration you create. For example, You can Drive Effective Enterprise Customer Journeys with Conversational Software Bots integrated with your SAP

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