Do you want to automate your Accounts Payable process?

The Global economy is made up of complex supply chains.

Most organisations that form part of this supply chain do not have proper systems put in place to optimise their Accounts payable or Accounts Receivable processes.

Many organisations are surprisingly still dealing with invoices that are paper based or in image/PDF format.

Validation and approvals usually take a long time and impacts the flow of cash within the entire supply chain.

Using PowerBI we were able to visualise this and provide insights into this supply chain.

jeylabs has a solution that uses K2 and Abby, integrated with Office365 to provide an effective solution to Automate your Accounts Payable processes.

jeylabs Capture Enabled Workflow for AP is designed to streamline your company's AP business processes by increasing efficiency and reducing on-going costs by minimising errors.

This is achieved by:

  • Capturing documents (scans, email, electronic documents)
  • Processing documents into business-ready data through complex OCR automation
  • Bringing data into highly optimised business process workflow for validation and approval
  • Exporting approved data to finance systems

Our solution is built upon world-leading technology platforms in ABBYY and K2. ABBYY fulfils the data capture and document processing into business-ready data. K2 utilises the business-ready data to execute the critical business workflows required by an AP solution.

Key Features:

  • Allows approved invoices to be brought into your finance systems
  • Import and verify key data from capture sources
  • A simplified dashboard to perform everyday AP tasks, such as:
    • Invoices to be verified
    • Invoices to be processed
    • Invoices that require approval
    • Approved invoices
    • Paid invoices
    • and many more
  • Multi-tiered invoice approval
  • Invoice approval via individual or group based approval workflows
  • Real-time reporting of invoice approval stages
  • Integration with your finance system
  • In-depth Reporting

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