jeylabs Research

Innovation is oxygen for us. At jeylabs R&D is part of our every day activity. We dont just do some tinkering when our consultants are on bench or between projects.

We R&D every day. It is part of our culture. We work on our craft day in and day out. Often long hours and weekends are spent on this.

Some of us are so obsessed we look forward to our holidays to do some indepth and focused R&D projects. Yes, we are a crazy bunch and at times we are super crazy! :)

jeylabs has some formal research projects under way in conjunction with some major universities. We encourage our super stars to educate the next generation, deliver lectures and also undertake cutting edge research to move the innovation out of our labs and into production.

PowerToolz is an example of this.

Please Read about blockchain at our SAP Services Partner Smartsoft’s website.