Victoria University Case study K2 jeylabs

Success Story : Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia 


Victoria University (VU) is one of the largest and most culturally diverse education institutions in Australia. VU's academic employees undertake a range of learning and teaching duties that are currently managed offline. The management of duty allocation and timesheeting is costing them a lot in over payments and administrative overheads each year.


VU engaged with jeylabs to provide a digital automation solution using K2, which included:

  • on-time duty allocation of sessional staff and their payments
  • simple navigation to allow staff to easily allocate duties
  • reporting features to assist in managing expenditure
  • functional features such as identifying duplicate or wrong time entries and understanding which type of roles equate to various rates of pay.
  • an online & semi-automated approval workflow


The jeylabs solution provided VU with a comprehensive summary of expenditure, trends of specific duties, ensure the allocations are approved by the appropriate managers, and increase efficiencies to manage edits and avoid over payments.

The solution is developed and managed using best practice delivery methodologies, including automated regression testing and monitoring using PowerToolz for K2.

The jeylabs Difference

This is VU’s second engagement with jeylabs. Our modern approach to workshop requirements & scenarios, Our deliver daily system and our Team's enthusiasm to understand priorities and deliver user friendly solutions to customers was well appreciated by VU in their formal feedback. 

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