Welcome to jEyLaBs News - Feb 2017

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Welcome to the February edition of jEyLaBs News

jEyLaBs Sydney Office is Open for Business.

We are excited to announce that early this month we opened our new Sydney Office.

We have moved into the WeWork premises in Pyrmont. It is a beautiful space and perfect for our growing team. Come say hello to us at:

Level 3, 100 Harris Street
Pyrmont NSW 2009

Typical AD Analysis – How Healthy is your AD?

AD Health Report – Hyperfish

Incomplete and outdated information in AD/AAD as demonstrated in the above report means that:

  • Workflows that don’t go to the correct person or fail – Have you experienced the frustration of chasing up your holiday, expense or travel request?
  • IT overhead costs increase as IT resources manually maintain and update AD/AAD
  • Communication across the organisation is slow and frustrating as people search for new/changed contact details for co-workers
  • Directory and profile information does not conform to organisational standards and policies

> Click here to register for a webinar or more information.

> Click here to run the free Analyser and receive your AD Health Report. You don’t need domain admin rights to run this and there is no obligation once you run the Analyser.

Make Informed Business Decisions With Power BI

Do You Need Access to Visual Reporting and Dashboards? 

Power BI is like Excel on steriods. It is a cloud based business analytic service. For a relatively low start-up cost, you can bring data from a variety of data sources including your social media, SAP, Office 365, SharePoint, Excel and your in-house SQL databases. In fact it ships with over 60 content packs.

Power BI allows you to create visual representations of data that can be used to setup meaningful reports and dashboards, resulting in consistant analysis across your organisation. Reports and dashboards are not limited to your desktop. You can access them on mobile devices.

Power BI integrates with line of business software and reports can be easily embeded in your apps.

To see examples of the type of reports and dashboards that you can create with go to Best Power BI Report Contest.

Click here to register for a webinar and learn how to reduce report creation time and improve communication in your team, enabling you to make better strategic decisions.

Successful Workflow Automation

The Common Features of Successful Workflow Automation are:

  • Clear vision
  • Buy in from key players
  • Passionate team
  • Awesome tools
  • Time tested technics

Watch the video to learn how jEyLaBs delivers successful business outcomes.

How are you testing your K2 Apps?

Automate Your K2 Testing

Most organisations we speak to on a daily basis are under pressure to:

  • Deliver high quality solutions on time and on budget
  • Manage K2 efficiently
  • Ensure their K2 environment and applications are performing optimally

They don’t have a single solution to automate tests and effectively manage their K2 environments. Money is spent on manual testing, administration and troubleshooting. This increases every year leading to an unnecessary drain on IT costs and resources.

Manual testing and no regression testing is inadequate and can lead to:

  • Inconsistant application delivery
  • Slow, costly application delivery
  • Bug ridden applications
  • Risk of non-compliance if functionality is not correctly maintained
  • No time to react when systems are down

This can lead to a loss of confidence from the business to commission IT to develop more applications.

The key benefits to test automation are:

  • For Users – they appreciate the higher quality of deployments. Less broken applications and roll backs
  • For K2 Administrators – utilising test scripts to monitor the health of all K2 apps and their components to ensure their integrity. Easy monitoring of SmartObjects, their backend services, forms, views and workflow processes. They can troubleshoot and confidently amend process instances to reduce manual rework by users.
  • For Testers - reduced errors by using a consistent set of regression test cases. The ability to compare test case performances through reporting and rapid turnaround with additional test case creation is priceless..
  • For the App lifecycle – changes and updates can be tested to ensure it retains its’ integrity.
  • Developers and App Designers – productivity increases as they can use test cases as a design aid and confirm and validate logic and changes

The benefit to the Organisation is:

  • Saved time and money
  • Reliable apps
  • Reduced downtime
  • Confidence in the IT Department

The ability to script gives you the power to reuse, share and schedule execution. The following can be scripted:

  • Workflows
  • SmartObjects
  • K2 Smartform interactions
  • Reproduced process state across Development/Test/Production Environments
  • Environment clean up
  • Test Scripts

› PowerToolz is the only comprehensive test automation tool available for K2 that ensures integrity and quality of your critical business business apps built on K2.

Request an evaluation of PowerToolz to accelerate your K2 project success